Summer is in full swing over here! I’m trying to balance it all while wanting to make summer special for the boys as well. I’m always so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to do what I love with my work as well as spend time with the boys. I admit that I get overwhelmed sometimes but I’m always grateful that I can mostly make my own schedule. Daddy Russ goes to work every day for us giving me the opportunity to have a choice with my work and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

I have Foster in a mother’s day out program 3 days a week and that allows me some special time with Luke. Then on the other days we can all three be together. My goal is at least one “adventure” a week where we go somewhere fun. On the other days when we are at home I try to get in my work while doing activities with the boys. Let me tell you… I am darn good at playing “Go Fish” while answering emails! Ha! I’ve also been doing “mommy school” with Luke to keep getting him ready for 1st grade and that has been going pretty well. I’m no teacher but I do my best!

It’s sometimes tough trying to get everything done and I worry about being too distracted when playing with the boys. But we’ve got this fellow mommies!

Speaking of summer – let’s chat summer FASHION! Everyone is GOING GINGHAM this summer! I love this off-the-shoulder gingham top! The off-the-shoulder trend is huge and I love the long cut of the blouse which slims the body. Additionally, it has precious floral appliques that make it extra special! Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!



off the shoulder gingham

over the shoulder gingham

off the shoulder gingham blouse

gingham blouse

off the shoulder gingham blouse

off the shoulder blouse

blouse with bandana

gingham top

white sandals

white flat sandals


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