Have you ever gone to church and listened to one of those sermons and walked out thinking, “WHOA! That sermon was for me!” Last Sunday that’s exactly what I experienced. My program was filled with my notes written as fast as I could write them. I had chills go over my body multiple times during the service and I walked out a better person.

Our family attends Oakwood Bapist Church in New Braunfels which is Daddy Russ’ home church and where he is originally from. I can’t tell you enough… if you ever are in the area and have the opportunity to hear Pastor Ray Still preach – DO IT! He is beyond blessed with the ability to communicate the Word of the Lord and every time I hear him I am impacted.

This particular sermon was on how to be content. I want to share what I learned (though I certainly can’t take credit for the message) so I’ll do my best. BUT EVEN BETTER…if you have some time take a moment to listen to his sermon online. You won’t be disappointed!


What I learned is continued below but, of course, I also have some fashion for you with this precious one shoulder jumpsuit. It’s super comfy and I receive tons of compliments every time I wear it! Now back to learning the much more important topic of how to be content!

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how to be content

1. We have to LEARN how to be content.

As humans we all constantly struggle with contentment. It is a natural flaw. Contentment is about finding satisfaction and peace. Those two things are certainly issues that I struggle with EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’m never satisfied and I’m never at peace. How sad is that?! But it’s true. I always have something more I want to do, I always want to be better in some way. But what God tells us is that we have to LEARN to be content. It’s something that we have to work every single day of our lives at discovering.


how to be content

2. Focus on the goodness of GOD!

One of the analogies that Pastor Ray gave us that really stuck with me is he asked us… Are you a THERMOSTAT or are you a THERMOMETER? That might be confusing but think about it. A thermostat INFLUENCES its surroundings where as a thermometer IS INFLUENCED BY its surroundings. I want to be a thermostat! I want to influence others for the better! And one of the biggest things he told us about working towards being a thermostat is focus on HIS goodness. Focus on the good and NOT THE BAD. The enemy will always be trying to “minimize our contentment” and it’s our job to listen to the RIGHT VOICE.

one shoulder jumpsuit

3. Know that God will provide.

He ALWAYS provides. And when I say always I mean… ALWAYS. Another line from Pastor Ray that knocked my socks off… “When we are at our weakest, HE is at HIS STRONGEST.” How powerful is that?! He is the one that will give us the strength to be content and then he will keep renewing it day after day.

Now… the other thing Pastor Ray said is this is “NOT an encouragement of passivity.” It doesn’t mean we should sit on our bums and wait for God to lay everything in our laps. Get our there are find your contentment!

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4. Praise God’s SUPREMACY

Because he is supreme above all else and certainly deserves our gratitude. I don’t think I need to say anymore about that.

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black cropped jumpsuit

one shoulder jumpsuit

I took away so much from this sermon and message and am always trying to find my inner contentment. It’s a constant battle and discovery but I know that I have all I need to get there!

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