Dear Luke,

Happy birthday my sweet boy. Every year I write a special blog post on your birthday just for you. For you are the little boy who made me a mommy. The minute I held you in my arms you completely stole my heart and still have it. Your father and I couldn’t be more proud of you.  You are such a cool kid. I always say you got the best of your Daddy and I. From your Father I see your loyalty, strong values and love of the outdoors. From me you’ve gained my sensitivity, readiness to smile and some killer dance moves!

This past year I have watched you grow in to such a big boy. You didn’t go walking in to Kindergarten – you sprinted! Making friends all around, excelling in class and really beginning to explore your independence. Ms. Scogna (your teacher) always tells me what a joy you are to have in class. It’s hard for Mommy to let you spread those wings so forgive me if I ask for extra hugs but I know you are going to soar to even greater heights.

You have such a beautiful heart and people can’t help but see it in you. You are kind, smart, giving, loving and almost always happy. Every day you hop out of my car to run in to school and say “hug and a kiss!” And you run off with a smile on your face ready for a new day. Then when you come home you hop off the bus – again with a huge smile – and when I ask you how your day was you always say “it was GREAT!” Because that is you… you see the JOY in life and welcome it with open arms. Don’t ever lose that my love.

You are my gift, my triumph and MY JOY. I love you more than waking up in the morning and thank God for you every day. Happy birthday, Lukie!

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  1. Aquila

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!! Seems like just yesterday we were going to your tee pee party, and I barely knew your mama! You are a such a bright and happy little boy, and we can’t wait to have a play date in San Antonio soon!


      We can’t wait for you to get back for play dates!

  2. Joyce Foster

    Happy birthday, Lukie! So cute and precious 🙂 I love you very much.
    Grandma Joyce


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