I’ve talked about our dance parties before but basically I like to randomly bust out some dance moves in the living room with the boys. They’ve always smiled and immediately dropped whatever they were doing to boogie with me. The other day a song came on a movie and I enthusiastically jumped up and started breaking it down. Foster was playing on the floor, quickly got to his feet and started to shake his little toddler tush back and forth. Luke was sitting on the edge of the coffee table and just quietly said, “No mommy I just don’t want to” and went back to watching the movie.

Well, I can tell you I just about broke down right then and there. Instead I tried to hold it together for little Foster while inside I was wailing…”WAHHHHH!! My little boy doesn’t want to dance with me!!!” Of course, that one little declined dance invitation has been weighing on me. I keep catching myself watching Lukie and seeing how big he’s gotten this year. I’m about to have a first grader and my little Kindergartner is coming in to his own. He’s gaining his independence and moving out from underneath my wings. I’m scared these days of me being cool are limited. That pretty soon he’s not going to want to give me a hug and a kiss before walking in to school. That his little hand won’t readily slip in to holding mine. No matter how hard I try to cherish it – time won’t hold still for a mother wanting to freeze these moments. 

I just love this dress and every time I wear it I get so many compliments. It’s silky smooth and has those fabulous cold shoulders that everyone is loving right now. Right now it’s on sale for $53 and also comes in tall, petite and curve!


cold shoulder dress

cold shoulder dress

cold shoulder asos dress

pink heels

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  1. jackie Kirkindoll

    Love this dress and the drop shoulders! The choker works perfectly with it! Sweet Luke….I know he’ll have more dances with his mom!


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