Daddy Russ’ sweet grandmother, known as Memaw, regularly send us (and all of her family) letters. They are always filled with scripture messages, prayer and kind wishes for our family. In our Easter letter this year was a “Letter From Jesus.” On the way to take Luke to bed I saw it lying on the counter and decided to read it to Luke. The letter was all about how much He loves us, is watching us and encourages us to talk to Him. At the end of the letter I looked at Luke and he had this big grin on his face and started to laugh. I asked him what was so funny and he said, “I’m just too happy! I wonder if he’ll send another letter tomorrow?” Doesn’t that just make your heart beam?! It makes me so proud that my son knows and loves Jesus as a friend.

Luke is nearing the end of Kindergarten and he has grown so much this year. And with age, of course, comes new challenges AND deeper conversations. Conversations that I’ve always worried about how I would answer. This year I sat down with Luke and really went through the Easter story, the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Luckily, I found a video on Youtube that was geared towards children that helped me. It was hard talking to him about the Crucifixion but throughout I kept explaining to him that it was a happy story not a sad story. By the end I think (hope) he understood and that I didn’t completely botch it!

That’s just one example of a deeper conversation we’ve had and I know many more are coming. Sometimes I turn to Daddy Russ, a fellow mom or even family members to help guide me. But often times, I just turn to God to give me the right words. I think it’s important for us to have meaningful conversations with our kids. I always try to explain things to Luke and then ask him what his questions or thoughts are. And he always readily shares! I hope that this is a way I’m grounding him in our morals and beliefs and leading him to have strong character. One deep conversation at a time.

What are some tough (deep) conversations you’ve had with your kids?


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  1. Kim Munoz

    My 8 year old is the asker of all the questions. I have been 100% honest with them about my being sick and what to expect as my health declines. Those conversations are always the hardest. We have talked about it all, I think. It’s so important to have these deep talks with them. Life is real and it’s not always perfect, they need to know that!


      Oh Kim! This sounds so hard! You are so amazing!


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