I have always had a touch of a gypsy heart. Hearing the whispers of a call to travel and see the world. To experience other cultures, taste exotic dishes and satisfy my curiosity and desire to SEE. I believe traveling enriches the mind and soul. Providing an escape of the here and now while undergoing a voyage of discovery.

Daddy Russ and I both share that love and are blessed to be able to frequently travel. While we have many fond memories we also have those less enjoyable ones of delayed flights, lost luggage and very uncomfortable seating conditions. Not to mention, because of my pacemaker and the implant in my heart I’m constantly having to endure pat downs by TSA officers.

Well, imagine a travel day that did NOT include security lines, dumping out your liquids, sitting around waiting for planes or being cooped up next to the guy that insists on establishing “his territory” and taking BOTH arm rests!

The days of traveling in luxury and style have officially arrived in San Antonio. This past week I had the pleasure of experiencing the perks of flying on a private chartered Lear60 Jet, one of the mid-sized planes of the Merlin1 fleet. Merlin1 is a private charter company owned by Jim Foody that offers a fleet of 8 planes from Merlins (smaller dual prop planes seating up to 6) and their big brother, the Lear jet (seating up to 8).

Foody has built a company offering a unique service to central Texas whether you are on a business trip or a family vacation. Clients experience unparalleled customer service, the finest in comfort and luxury as well as a commitment to safety. My mind was set at ease before take off as I learned that all pilots were ex-military and/or retired commercial pilots.

Customers can either pay an hourly fee for the charter or purchase a larger block of hours with monthly installments. The price was surprisingly comparable to first-class flights but with so many more benefits. One of my favorite perks was their Open Seats On Empty Merlins (OSEM) program where you can catch a ride for FREE when a flight has an “empty leg schedule.”


lear jet

The interior cabin of the planes offers plush leather seats, private lavatories, beverages and food specified to your liking and don’t forget the legroom for days. Boarding the plane and takeoff can be done in a matter of minutes and then sit back, relax and enjoy being in the lap of luxury.

Flying in Luxury

Flying in Luxury

san antonio private jet

san antonio private charter

tori johnson san antonio blogger

tori johnson fashion blogger

We flew approximately one hour to the New Orleans Lakefront airport that might be the neatest airport I’ve ever been to. Built in the 1930s, it felt like stepping in to The Great Gatsby with its stunning Art Deco decor. We enjoyed lunch at Messina’s at the Terminal which offered a menu featuring fresh seafood as well as Louisiana staples such as crawfish and etouffe.

lakefront airport

lake front airport

Following our delicious lunch we hopped back in and were back in San Antonio with full stomachs, rested bodies and smiles on our faces.

It was another #storibooktravels adventure that I’ll never forget and I have to admit I think I’m made for that kind of life!

To learn more about Merlin1 visit http://www.merlin1.com/.

Photo and video courtesy of Will Crawford, KGBTexas.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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