Tell the truth — how much time do you spend in your laundry room? Probably more than any of us care to admit! Our laundry room is also the pantry (to my back in all of these pictures) and the walkway to the backyard and pool. It gets a lot of use and traffic and it was time to take this mundane and otherwise forgotten about room and make it a place that looked like it belonged to the rest of our home with a laundry room makeover!


I’ll post a link to before pictures at the bottom of the post – but it’s lighter, brighter, and all together a nicer place to be.


One of the biggest changes was removing the cabinet doors and finishing out the insides of the cabinets. The cabinet doors were great at hiding clutter – but thats all that was in there! Clutter. Clutter that fell on me every time I opened them!


These copper wire baskets are as functional as they are fabulous. I know most people are in the “solid sided” basket camp. But if I can’t see whats in the baskets, it becomes a challenge to put things away and see what I have! Plus that rosy copper is so pretty against the white! I also took advantage of the re-do to stock up on good hangers (top right basket) to hang dry shirts on – I couldn’t believe how inexpensive these were compared to similar hangers elsewhere.


A basket for “mess rags”, laundry and cleaning extras, toilet paper and paper towels (we keep the bulk in the garage, but this makes for a handy stash in the house).


I feel like I go through a dozen kitchen towels a week and this gold wire lined basket is the perfect size to sit on the dryer to catch all the kitchen towels before they get washed. It’s also home to a “sock bag” that all my daughter’s socks go into after school, so they don’t get lost in the play room or sit in my living room for days on end!


On the other side, a basket for hangers, stain removers, and two tall glass jars for laundry detergent pods. The lids are screw on, and combined with the height, a good solution for keeping the soap out of kid reach, but accessible to us (plus, I love that I can see exactly how much is left before a trip to the store!). Our cat also has his “headquarters” in the laundry room – and a soft, nubby gray rug is a great food-catcher and is easy to toss in the washer when needed.


Another rug in front of the washer and dryer not only looks pretty but provides a nice place to stand for laundry tasks. This jute and gray rug will also wear well – making it a great piece to move over between the door and half bath next to the laundry room when we have pool traffic in the summer.


I’m always amazed at the treasures I find at At Home – it’s become my go-to spot for baskets, containers, and rugs because I know no matter what style or function, I’ll find something! Don’t you think your laundry room deserves some love?

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