A couple weeks ago I was standing in a dressing room and the fashion goddess herself, Rachel Zoe, was styling me in the dress that I now call… the perfect lace dress. As I was standing there I couldn’t help but start to laugh. Rachel smiled and asked me politely what I was laughing about. With which I answered, “I just realized I’m standing in a dressing room in SPANKS with RACHEL ZOE!” She laughed and answered, “GIRL! Don’t you worry! I’ve seen things on celebrities that only their sisters should see!” Right then I knew that I would idolize her for the rest of my life!

the perfect lace dress

And that dress has now become my favorite piece in my entire closet. It truly is the PERFECT lace dress. Usually I’m a 6 or an 8 but in this dress I’m a 4 so you know it already was a winner in my book. It fits like a glove, is actually very comfortable and is incredibly flattering on a variety of body types.

the perfect lace dress

For this shoot I styled it with a sequin bomber which would be so fun for a New Year’s Eve party. But as you can see it really doesn’t need to be worn with anything because it’s a showstopper in itself.

rachel zoe lace dress


the perfect lace dress

rachel zoe suzette lace dress

I linked the perfect lace dress in a couple different places that had a variety of colors. I purchased my bomber at a local boutique but tried to find a variety of other sequin bombers that I love. Happy shopping!

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