It’s funny how in this season of giving (and giving and giving) we forget to take care of ourselves, to be a little indulgent and remember that as moms, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and Chief Merry Makers, we’ve earned a little gift-to-self. I don’t typically treat myself to a Christmas present, but after a roller coaster of a year it was well earned. My office space in my studio was in need of a pick me up – and because it’s the space I spend the most time when I’m not at home or shooting – I headed to At Home to revamp, update, and start fresh for 2017.


First things first – I’m keeping this real! I left the cords and plugs and cables and I’ll show you how I dealt with them to make them all more manageable. Starting from the ground – a new, soft, nubby jute rug for under the desk. Not ideal for a rolling chair – but it grounds the space and feels good on bare feet. This 9×12 rug was only $149! Such an amazing steal!


A new throne – or desk chair – whatever you prefer was the next upgrade. I’ve seen these chairs all over blogs and Pinterest land and was thrilled to find an affordable version. It has arms but I prefer editing and working at the computer in a chair sans arms – so I just didn’t attach them during assembly. My printer is on an upgraded pedestal, too! The acrylic trunk is light, airy, sturdy, and is an adorable spot to store some pillows.


ALL THE CORDS. I can’t wait until we can do everything wirelessly! Until then, managing and hiding cords is a priority for me, and although not perfect, I think I’ve come to a good solution for my desk. This fabulous gold wire basket has openings large enough to thread all of my computer cables, power cords and external hard drive cords through. Typically, they’re tucked in between the hard drive and the notebook and are contained, organized and not hanging off the back/front of the desk.


I don’t frequently use a desk light for task lighting – but the soft, warm and global light that this concrete based lamp puts off is just right for when I need a little extra. Bonus – the giant Edison bulb came with the base so no hunting for a ‘just right’ light bulb.


To help contain the clutter a matching gold wire basket hold my calendar, extra note pads, and other papers through the day. I love that I can see everything in the basket – because for me out of sight is literally out of mind!


Just a few changes rejuvenated the space and really helped pull the area together. After a busy season of holiday sessions and my own family celebrations, it will be so wonderful to start 2017 with a beautiful space to work in.


Shop the look: Jute Boucle Rug // Acrylic Trunk (similar) // Desk Chair // Desk Lamps // Gold Wire Basket – available in store

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Amanda Gentis

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  1. Kostas Chiotis

    Amanda, I see these kinds of table placement very rarely and I love it. Most home offices feature tables that face the wall, with natural light coming from either side. I think you’ve got the home office furniture placed wisely here. Thanks for sharing.


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