Honestly, who doesn’t love a bar cart? Whether you’re setting it for cocktails, hot chocolate, cream sodas or simply for pretty storage – the versatility of a bar cart is awesome! I like that a bar cart can be an extension of a home bar – or even a kitchen (hold on for that!) – and clearly designates what is available for your guests’ enjoyment. Today, we’re taking a bar cart from a DIY drinks station to a coffee station for any guests who might have spent the night (intentionally or not… we’re not judging!).

At Home + storibook double duty bar cart

The “essentials” for your bar cart should change based upon the drinks you’d like to serve, your guests’ preferences and time of year or party occasion.


An ice bucket and cute bar towel, shaker, straws, and a cutting board are ‘regulars’ on my bar cart. They’re generally always needed.


Added to the mix are a pretty decanter and some amazing gold champagne flutes (because my drink of preference is always bubbly!).


This marble and agate inlay cutting board is stunning by itself… it’s large enough to leave room for slicing a wedge of citrus and resting a stirring spoon on.


Party Tip: Buy the economical big sizes of your preferred alcohol and decant into a manageable and pretty glass decanter!



Having a variety of flexible glass wear is ideal – these gold polka dot glasses are great for a mixed drink and wine.


As much as I love pretty glass wear, its nice to have some plastic cups on hand as well! As long as they’re this cute, I don’t mind if guests prefer it to a coordinated glass.


A small gold basket holds a bottle opener, coasters and cocktail napkins neatly together.


If you have out of town friends visiting, a coffee-bar cart is a welcome sight in the morning (and just incase the party is continuing, makings for a Bloody Mary are easy additions).


Also, moving the coffee out of the kitchen means less people interfering with breakfast preparation – my kitchen gets log jammed with more than 2 people in there at a time! Making all the components easily accessible will help your guests feel at home.


Lastly, a personalized mug lets everyone know who’s is who’s and doubles as a really cute (and useful) gift!

Shop the parts and pieces:

bar cart / decanter / champagne flutes (similar online) / gold polka dot glasses / shaker (in store) / ice bucket (similar online) / baskets (in store) / coasters (in store) / plastic “YAY” cups  / coffee mugs / coffee and sugar canisters (in store) /  french press (in store)
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Amanda Gentis

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    Great points and thank you for sharing them. So, I just moved into my new home last month and I’m currently doing things on my own. Adulting is quite is difficult but I’m enjoying it. Plus, learning to maintain the appliances here is definitely a must-know if you want everything in order. Anyways, amazing read. Kudos!


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