Fall in Texas comes slowly – almost hesitantly – each year. Summer has a strong hold on us and doesn’t let go easily which means that we pretty much have to “fake” fall (and by fake I mean by turning the a/c down to switch the fireplace on!). It also means that typical fall colors aren’t abundant unless of the fake variety so my fall decorating tends to be a little untraditional. No brown or orange to be found here! Instead I gravitate towards creams, copper, gold, sandy tan, and texture to create a warmer-feeling home. Rose and blush are going strong into Fall fashion this year and I was more than happy to sprinkle it around my living room.


 My summer living room included turquoise pillows and beachy touches on the coffee table – a conch shell and basket weave candle – and a summer fern on the end table.



Trading out the turquoise and beach feel for an abundance of texture and color on the couch feels a little glam (hello Holiday Entertaining ready!) and a nice backdrop for all of the other holiday decorating that will be going on these next few months. With the help of At Home, my living room is officially Fall ready.



The bronze sequin pillow and gold studded pillow are beautiful – and flipped over – perfect for lounging. Don’t let a pretty detail deter you from “living” with your couch pillows. When pillows as pretty as these are as affordable as these, it makes me less likely to cringe when one gets used in a fort or for a pillow pile!


I think oversized “floor pillows” or bed pillows look so fun on a couch – and make a perfect place for a Sunday afternoon nap. The nubby, sweater like texture of the soft rose pillow sneaks in some of my favorite color and some seasonal warmth – since it’ll be a while before I get to actually wear any sweaters!


The coffee table gets a dramatic rose glass lantern and a sweet bronze pheasant.


The end table trade includes some books from the shelf and a copper painted candle holder (I use faux pillar candles with auto timers in them so that I get the candle look without a) worrying my house will burn down (see: kids, dog, cat) and b) I don’t have to remember to light them!). Such easy exchanges that make a huge difference and make me excited for fall (even if it IS still in the upper 90’s outside!).

My ‘seasonal decorating’ rule is to keep non-holiday-specific items to one tub per season. Since pillows can vacuum pack to practically flat, they’re one of my favorite things to change in the living room. Combined with a few pretty and simple pieces for the end table and coffee table and voila! Fall has arrived!

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