WHOA! What a year! I’m not sure what to say about 2016. While it was certainly the toughest year of my life I also received so many blessings. It was a year filled with fear, anxiety and hospitals. But it was also packed with opportunities, friendship, love, endless prayer, hope and laughter. When I look back on it I have to say it all seems to be a part of His plan for me.

It’s not the end of the year yet so why am I finding myself looking back at it? It’s because the year has come full circle to the San Antonio Fashion Awards – one of those monumental moments in time that stand out above all others. Last year I was honored to be voted San Antonio Fashion Blogger of the Year and am equally as honored to be nominated for 2016. And with that nomination has come a flood of memories of what 2016 has entailed and MEANT.

2016 changed WHO I AM. Down to the core. Each day following July 11, 2016 is a day that I might not have had. With the realization of that comes an insurmountable gratitude.

This blog has become so much a part of my life and who I am. I’ve said it many times… it is so much more than the fashion and beauty. It is an EXTENSION of me. It’s my life through words – all bundled up to read on your computer screens.

This year I’ve asked for so much from you and you’ve answered every time. Today I’m asking if you can take a minute of your time to vote for me again as San Antonio Fashion Blogger of the Year. I do admit, just like last year, I feel like I’ve already won. I believe that with God, my friends and family I have triumphed over so much. I believe that I’ve always had a fire within me and now everything I’ve gone through has just made it burn brighter.

Thank you for helping me keep that fire going, supporting me as I continue achieving my dreams and writing this amazing story.

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  1. Aquila

    I like how I’m like creepily in the back of this picture. LOL. Good luck my friend!


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