This little guy has been my side kick for 5 years now. I’ve trucked him all over the place and we’ve had so many fun adventures through my blog. But for the past year since having Foster we haven’t gotten to have much one-on-one time. I’ve been really missing it and so I was excited when we were invited to experience the San Antonio Zoo summer camps for kids! We had such a fun day of feeding the giraffes, birds and fish as well as lots more and wanted to share with you what the kids get to experience at their awesome camps! I highly recommend it!

San Antonio Zoo Summer Camps for Kids

The San Antonio Zoo summer camps begin at Kindergarten through 9th grade. There is a variety of camps so you can actually do multiple weeks with something new each week. Camps begin at $250 per week and include up-close animal encounters, zoo tours, projects, activities, themed games and they learn a lot!



feed the giraffes san antonio zoo

One of the exciting things we did for the first time was feed the new giraffes! This is a brand new exhibit at the zoo. The kids get to learn a bit about the giraffes and then feed them lettuce. To learn more about the giraffe exhibit click here.

feed the giraffes san antonio zoo

feeding giraffes zoo

san antonio zoo giraffes

san antonio zoo giraffes

zoo summer camp

san antonio zoo kids camp

We also did a zoo tour and, of course, the lions are a favorite! They were doing some sunbathing in the shade!

san antonio zoo lions

zoo summer camp

jaquar san antonio zoo

san antonio summer camps

The camps are also very educational for the kids. We went to one of the classrooms and the kids got to learn some animal trivia, touch bones, fur and more.


One of the cutest things was getting to meet this little Armadilllo! How adorable right?

zoo camp

The kids also got to touch a snake – eeek!

san antonio zoo camp

As you can tell they were mesmerized!

kids summer camp

snake san antonio zoo

san antonio zoo merry go round

One of Luke’s favorite things to do is to ride the carousel! All campers get to enjoy a carousel ride. Luke ALWAYS picks the alligator.


feeding parrots san antonio zoo

We also enjoyed feeding the birds nectar! They were so funny and kept following the kids everywhere trying to get more food.

feeding birds


san antonio zoo camp


san antonio zoo train

And, of course, a zoo trip wouldn’t be complete without a train ride!


To learn more about the San Antonio Zoo summer camp for kids click here. Camps are offered all the way until August 19th!

Disclaimer: Please note I am a Zoo Troop blogger which means I receive free admission to the zoo and other experiences for my family. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Momo

    Wow, it costs $5 for three little Romaine leaves to feed the giraffes. The Zoo just never stops nickel and diming and they know kids will ask to feed the animals. Really unconscionable since we do pay already to get in. These are families, and San Antonio is not a wealthy city. They really need to rethink this.


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