As you all know I cut my hair a couple months ago – while I love my short hair I can’t help but sometimes miss my long as well. I’ve owned clip-in extensions for a long time which I’ll use on special occasions but in general I don’t wear them because they take SOOOO long to put in. I’m constantly worried about the clips showing AND they give me a headache because they are so heavy.

So when I learned about Halo Couture Hair Extensions I was beyond intrigued. I’m so excited to partner with Shannon Hill, the owner of Halo Couture Texas who offers Halo Extensions in San Antonio and to show you a bit more about these FABULOUS extensions that are SOOO incredibly easy! AND she’s given all sTORIbook readers a discount code as well for 10% off your purchase!

10% Off Discount Code: STORIBOOK

halo hair extensions

Halo Couture extensions are 100% Remy human hair and what makes them so unique is how easy they are to put in. The hair is on a “Miracle Wire” that fits like a halo around your head. You place it on and then just use a pick comb to pull the top layer of hair over the wire and then DONE! Seriously…ANYONE can do them!

hair extensions san antonio

The first thing I did was make an appointment with Shannon at Voge Boutique. I immediately fell in love with Shannon – she was like an instant girlfriend! She will consult with you to color match your extensions as well as chat with you about the length, etc.

halo hair extensions san antonio

I selected the layered 18 in. They also offer 12 in., 16 in., 20 in., and 24 in. As you can see she had a perfect match for me. This is the Halo just laid on my hair (none of my hair has been pulled over the wire yet). It’s super hard to see the wire (it’s more like a clear, rubber string).

blonde hair extensions

This is Shannon using the comb (comes with your extensions) to pull the top layer of hair over the wire. Super quick and easy.

how to use halo extensions

Then she styled my hair together with the extensions using a curling iron. Everything you do with your regular hair you can do with your Halo extensions. You can wash them, color them, cut them, etc.

san antonio hair extensions

You can see how amazing it looks once styled!

real hair extensions

I ended up cutting a bit more length off mine and adding in some more layers to blend with my hair. I’m so OBSESSED WITH THEM NOW!

halo couture extensions

long hair extensions

Thank you so much to Shannon for assisting me with my Halo extensions! To make an appointment with her you can email her at! And be sure to use your 10% off sTORIbook code!

10% Off Discount Code: STORIBOOK

Photography Provided By: Misha Hettie Photography

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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