Dear Foster,

Happy birthday little Squishy! When you were in my belly I called you my Rainbow Baby. You were the promise that God gives after the storm. And that name still fits you perfectly today. You are filled with so many smiles and so much sweetness. You’ve been the easiest baby – so much that I’ve been scared to brag about you thinking you might get difficult on me! Ha! You slept through the night practically from the start and have always been so content. You are my little partner running with me all over town throughout my adventures.

Each day I love watching the relationship that you are developing with your big brother. I already see you watching him, observing everything he does. I hope that you both develop a close and loving relationship that will never be broken. He will be your best friend.

You are the fastest crawler that I’ve ever seen and are getting close to walking. You’ve also started to change from my quiet baby to my loud, vocal almost-toddler. When you want something or have something to say you make sure we all know it!

The other day Daddy Russ thanked me for you and it touched my heart so much. We truly are so beyond grateful for you. Our family and life wouldn’t be complete with out our Baby Duplo.

Mommy, Daddy and Big Bubs love you sweet boy. Remember that always.

Love you more than one hundred. Happy birthday!

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2 Responses

  1. gmaj

    Happy birthday sweet Foster! My favorite picture is of the adoring look big brother is giving you when he is holding your bottle. Yep, you two are already quite a pair! The fun has just begun 🙂
    I love you both so much!

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Happy Birthday, to sweet Foster!! Meego & PawPaw love you!!!


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