I was a new mom of two – Foster had been born a couple weeks before and we were in desperate need of food as I had been putting off the grocery store for weeks. “It’s ok! I’ve totally got this!” I told myself. It took forever getting everything I might need for a newborn and four-year-old but we finally loaded up and drove to the local H-E-B. I parked and took Luke in one hand and Foster in his carrier in the other. We walked up to the grocery carts, I picked up Luke and put him in the cart then picked up the baby carrier and stared at the cart dumbfounded. Where do I put the baby?! With Luke in the seat the carrier didn’t fit. Ok – Plan B. Take Luke out, close the grocery cart seat and put the baby carrier in the main cart compartment. Push the cart, carry the diaper bag, hold Luke’s hand…now where do I put the groceries?! DISASTER! Any other sTORIbook moms been there before? Before we left the grocery store Luke had to go to the bathroom, then Foster had a dirty diaper, then he was hungry. By the end of it I was frazzled and exhausted!

Well, good news mommies! Your saving grace (and mine) is here in the form of an online grocery delivery service called Instacart! It has recently arrived in San Antonio and is available in cities across the nation (click here to see if Instacart is available in your city).

grocery delivery service

san antonio grocery delivery

I had the pleasure of trying out Instacart during their San Antonio launch and I’m so hooked! All you have to do is visit their site to sign-up (FREE DELIVERY on your first order). You can then plug in your zip code and it will select the closest grocery store to you or you can select one of your choice. Partnering grocers include H-E-B, Whole Foods, Costco, Central Market at more.

san antonio grocery delivery service

The fee for a grocery delivery is $5.99 for 2 hour (or more) delivery and the first delivery minimum is $10; from then on, the delivery minimum is $35.

Following the selection of your store – it’s time to shop! You can shop for everything you might need (even fresh produce) on their website. And if you don’t see it listed you can write in for your shopper a name and description of a product and they will find it for you. Then you pay and a shopper will be assigned to you.


I had the sweetest shopper named Caroline who checked in with me when she was shopping and kept me updated the entire time regarding her time of delivery. She arrived within an hour and had everything I needed straight to my door!

san antonio grocery delivery service

instacart grocery delivery

It was heavenly!!!

And now you can enter to win 1 month of free grocery delivery and $100 in credit to Instacart, open nationally to any users in an Instacart service zone. To enter…

1. Sign up for Instacart (here)

2. Comment below on where you’d get your groceries delivered from.

The winner will be selected on May 24, 2016.

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Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post from Instacart. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Gloria Hamilton

    Tori – I read about this new service in the SA area. How exciting. I would definitely use HEB for my delivered groceries.


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