I registered Luke for Kindergarten today. I know…I can’t believe it either! How is the little boy that made me a mommy about to go to “big boy school!” I was already having a hard time keeping my cool and then a mom by me started tearing up. I was like, “NOOO!! Don’t do it! It will be a domino effect!” And sure enough there I went…crying like a baby!

I can’t help but want to hold him close and keep him a little boy but I know I need to let him open his wings and fly. I want to keep him sheltered. I want to keep him innocent from the negativity of life. I want to spare him from the meanness in people. His life is filled with so much carefree joy right now. It’s all about playing with cars, digging up dinosaur bones in the back yard, working in his “construction site” and loving people “more than 100!” I feel like Kindergarten is the first step in him leaving me. In me losing this love that he has for me where I can do no wrong. Pretty soon he’ll be embarrassed to give me a hug and kiss in public. Pretty soon I’ll be the inevitable “annoying mom.” I feel like I’m reaching – trying to figure out how to hold on to this time as long as I can but it just keeps slipping from my fingers.

From the first moment I held that little boy he changed me. He helped me find who I was meant to be in this life. He brought out the best parts of me. I can only pray that I’ve prepared him as much as possible to begin flying on his own. And in the meantime I’ve got to try and soak up these last moments.

For the fashion topic of the day let’s talk…overalls… because they are definitely in style! A couple weeks ago I took the boys with some friends to Sweet Berry Farm and we had so much fun picking strawberries, feeding goats, picnicking and more! I had just gotten some overalls so I thought it would be a perfect occasion to wear them for some pictures! So let’s take a look at how to wear overalls…

how to wear overalls

sweet berry farms

sweet berry farm marble falls

berry picking

boy overalls

The sTORIbook-70

kids overalls

jean overalls

kids activities marble falls

The sTORIbook-60

tractor train

how to wear overalls

jean overalls for women

bandana tied around neck

stylish overalls

converse sneakers for women

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  1. gmaj

    Love those overalls! And I love to see little boys in them too. Yep, Lukie is growing up, it is a blessing. Don’t get bogged down in the future; remember, it is “one day at a time”!


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