“That’s it! I give up!” I exclaimed to myself as I stood in front of my bathroom mirror holding another clump of hair that had fallen off my head. I quickly picked up my cell and texted my hair stylist and friend, Yvonne… “Can you get me in on Friday? We are cutting!”

9 months postpartum and we’d been trying everything from deep conditioning treatments, oils, lessening coloring, eliminating heat – the works. No matter what I did my hair continued to break and thin. Most people don’t know that those who suffered from Hyperemesis Graviadarum (severe morning sickness) during pregnancy actually continue to be affected by it after having their children. For me, my hair continues to pay for the lack of nutrition my body endured for months on end (to read about my HG experience click here).

So, the time had come and I finally gave in that my hair needed to be cut. Many people would think no big deal! But to me – it was terrifying! I’ve always loved my hair (as did Daddy Russ) and frankly, even though I’d wanted to cut my hair in the past, the fear of “what if I don’t look pretty?” would hold me back. I’ve always placed way too much on the pettiness of looks.

5 Reasons The Long Bob is the Perfect Hair Cut for 2016

But for the last couple of months each time I saw more hair fall out I found myself in a real funk. Not solely about my hair, but other things as well within my life. I kept trying to figure out how to dig myself out. I’ve always struggled with feelings of discontentment at times. It comes out of no where and then Wham! Feelings that I can’t DO enough, BE enough or AM enough. Sometimes I feel like I live my life in a constant rat race. So even though many times in the past I’d threw around with my stylist cutting my hair this – time she knew it was time. She knows me and knows my heart.

5 Reasons The Long Bob is the Perfect Hair Cut for 2016

Just as I let go of my hair – I need to let go of that negativity that the enemy has seeded in me. I need to find my happy place in ME again. And lean a little bit more on the Man upstairs.

lob hair cut

Now that I have my new DO… let me tell you 5 reasons why I think the Long Bob is the perfect hair cut for 2016!

the long bob hair cut

5 Reasons the Long Bob is the Perfect Hair Cut for 2016:

1. You immediately look more chic.

This is certainly subjective but it’s commonly known in the fashion industry that short hair is CONSIDERED more modern, stylish and chic. In Vogue, Joan Juliet Buck wrote, “Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style.” I personally believe that long hair can be stylish as well but just saying what they say….

2. All the style-savvy celebs are rocking it.

Seriously…ALL of them. Taylor Swift. Beyonce. Karlie Kloss. Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Emma Stone. Jessica Alba. Cameron Diaz. Katie Holmes. I could go on and on.

3. It’s versatile.

I always thought you wouldn’t be able to do a lot with short hair but the long bob is the perfect length so you can style it a bunch of different ways. Straight, curly, messy and edgy…

4. It’s EASY!

I can’t believe how easy my hair is! You can pretty much wake up, brush it and go (and it will actually look good). With my long hair I either had to take lots of time to fix it or I’d just knot it up because it would look stringy.

5. It instantly feels healthier and fuller.


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5 Reasons The Long Bob is the Perfect Hair Cut for 2016

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    I think it looks wonderful!! Happy your new look has given you a new sense of joy as well!


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