The other day I was getting dressed – doing my makeup in the mirror. Just like any other morning I had Foster crawling around me feet. He’s on the move non-stop right now (I’d forgotten how hard the mobile stage is). Anyways, I was putting “my face on” listening to some music over Spotify. I noticed it had gotten a tad quiet so I looked down for Foster. I didn’t see him immediately so I began a sweep of the bathroom with my eyes. Quickly I spotted him… Standing up, holding on to the toilet… LICKING IT.

Yep…licking it!! UGH! GROSS! I was immediately overcome with the repulsiveness of the situation and tried to wash his mouth out as best as I could but yea… total mom fail!

I’ve learned life is full of those mom fails. You live, learn and try to keep being the best mom that you possibly can be. And try to prevent toilet licking as much as possible.

Whistle and Flute Clothing

whistle and flute clothing

There is something so fun about dressing brothers alike. I received the most adorable outfits from Whistle and Flute Clothing several months ago and have been DYING to put them on the boys but have been waiting for the boys to grow in to them. Well – the wait was worth it because look at these little cute pandas!!

fashionable kids clothes

About Whistle and Flute Clothing:

Whistle & Flute Clothing is a line of stylish and modern unisex children’s apparel inspired by contemporary design and typography, street fashion and Japanese kawaii style. The name, “Whistle & Flute” comes from the English rhyming-slang for a suit of clothes.

The collection was designed by the husband and wife duo of Ryan and Miranda McCullagh. Ryan is a graphic designer with seven years of experience in apparel printing and Miranda is a fashion designer with an artistic eye and a keen sense for anticipating trends.

Miranda and Ryan conceived of the line following the birth of their son, Aki. The new parents found that most children’s apparel available was heavily gendered and lacking in originality and style. They wanted to create gender-neutral clothing for kids and adults that they themselves would want to wear.

The couple first began working together artistically in the indie-pop band, The Paper Cranes and they have channeled that same creative passion into their work with Whistle & Flute.

All Whistle & Flute clothing is printed on sweatshop-free apparel and features original artwork by Miranda and Ryan.

stylish kids clothes

Luke is wearing their Kawaii Panda Baseball T-Shirt ($30) which is so stylish! The material is super soft and washes well which is so important with a rowdy boy.

fashionable baby onesie

Foster is wearing the matching Kawaii Panda Bodysuit ($29). It is the cutest thing ever!

fashionable kids

As you can tell it was quite interesting getting these two to pose for photos! I couldn’t get them to sit still for the life of me but I love seeing all the interactions.

fashionable kids clothing

stylish baby

stylish boy clothes

matching clothes for brothers

And this is when the break down began to happen…

fashionable kids clothes

Some Other Adorable Designs!

whistle and flute clothing

To learn more about Whistle and Flute Clothing click here.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Stephanie Smith

    Such cute photos. Girl, if toilet licking is your biggest mom fail, then you are doing awesome as a mom! Good job, Tori! I love seeing the fun images of you and your boys.


      hahaha! I can only hope it’s my biggest mom fail! Thank you for the sweet words lady!


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