So one of the hard things about being a fashion blogger is you feel like you have to CONSTANTLY buy clothes! Let me tell you, that can get pretty pricey (and Daddy Russ will get awfully suspicious about all those packages). So I actually shop the sales big time. The end/beginning of seasons are the best times for me because of all the sales. These are the times that I like to pick up my big staple pieces or even big “WANTS” like a special handbag or pair of shoes. One of the sales I love is the Shopbop Spring Sale! Right now you can get 25% off your ENTIRE order with the CODE: BIGEVENT2016 and following are some of my favorite picks to help get your started!

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*Thank you for shopping through my blog! I love assisting you with the latest fashions and other must-have items. If you click on a link and make a purchase at that retailer, I will receive a (small) percentage of sales which helps me continue this blog and for which I am very grateful!

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