They say, “The smile is the window to the soul” and I’ve always believed there is a lot you can tell by someone’s smile. I’ve always been very conscientious about my teeth in particular. I was one of the lucky few that never needed braces so I’ve always thought that since God gave me such good teeth I better appreciate and take care of them!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to get my teeth whitened but never have the time to go to the dentist nor do I want to spend the money on it. So when Smile Brilliant contacted me to try out their teeth whitening kit I was thrilled! This is one of those products that I’ve been so eager to tell my readers about because they really have put together the best at-home teeth whitening kit and your teeth will look like you had the dentist whiten them in no time at all (at a fraction of the cost)!

BEST YET! They are giving away a professional teeth whitening system valued at approx. $140 to one sTORIbook reader! To enter the giveaway click here. Please note this giveaway ends in two weeks. For more information on this giveaway see the bottom of this post.

Best At-Home Teeth Whitening KitWhat I love about Smile Brilliant is they send everything you need to do a professional teeth-whitening treatment all from the convenience of your home. When you receive your kit the first thing you will do is create your dental impressions. Don’t let this intimidate you – it’s incredibly easy. You just mix the impression materials together and basically bite down (it’s kind of like biting in to Silly Putty). You’ll gently remove it off your teeth and you can see your teeth marks. Once you allow them to dry, Smile Brilliant has included a postage-paid envelope that you put them in and drop in the mail back to them. They will then use these impressions to create your custom-fitted trays.

smile brilliant teeth whitening

Once your trays arrive now the fun begins! In your kit will be the professional teeth whitening gel which is dentist-strength 22% Carbamide Peroxide. Additionally, you will also have desensitizing gel syringes as well.

at home teeth whitening

They include easy instructions with the kit but I’ll give you a fly-by. First you start with the whitening gel. You squeeze a small ribbon of gel into each tray and then place on your teeth. Remember to not squeeze too much as it will irritate your gums. You can leave on for as little as 15 minutes to up to 3 hours. I recommend starting with 15 minutes so you can check the sensitivity. My teeth/gums are pretty sensitive so the longest I ever left my trays on for was 20 minutes.

teeth whitening system

Before the whitening I always used the desensitizing gel which helped to eliminate my sensitivity. The desensitizing gel temporarily seals micro-fractures and pores in your tooth’s enamel. You can get about 3 treatments out of each whitening and desensitizing syringe.

Ready to see my before and afters?! Just look at the difference! Here is a great video that another blogger did on her experience and you can read some more reviews here as well.

teeth whitening before and after

Now you can have gorgeous, white teeth too! Enter to win a Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit! Open internationally (international winners must pay shipping). Giveaway open until 3.7.16.


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Teeth Whitening Gel

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