The day of LOVE is this weekend and I’ve got a fun and flirty Valentine’s Day Makeup Eyeshadow Tutorial for you featuring some of my favorite products from Urban Decay! This tutorial is all about pinks, purples and SPARKLE! All of these shadows are from Urban Decay’s Moondust collection which are so fun! They really have a 3-D effect to them with fine glitter throughout to create the perfect shine. Then make those lips beckon to be kissed with a bright fuchsia!

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love, hugs and kisses! (To view my last Urban Decay New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial click here).

valentines day makeup tutorial

P.S. Before we get in to the tutorial I have to tell you a little behind-the-scenes of this shoot. My photographer, Candace, and I had a lot of fun with this idea using the confetti. We actually shot these INSIDE my house in the middle of the living room. It made a HUGE mess but the greatest part was watching Luke think I had absolutely lost my marbles! He laughed so hard I wasn’t sure he was going to stop!

Valentines Day makeup eyeshadow tutorial

Makeup Products:

Girls Night Out Makeup Tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Apply your moisturizer and primer to prep your face.
  2. When doing high impact eyes always start with them so that you can clean up around your eyes before starting your other makeup. To begin apply Urban Decay’s Space Cowboy eye shadow across the entire lid as your base color. To apply you can actually just use your middle finger with this eye shadow. Light swipe it across the color and then across your eye. If you prefer brushes you can certainly use them too.
  3. Once you have applied Space Cowboy now apply the bright pink Shockwave from the lash line to just above the crease of your eye. This is really going to give you that great color for Valentine’s Day.
  4. We are going to do a colored smoky eye and want to also create depth. Now take the Intergalactic purple eye shadow and apply it on the outer part of the eye in a cat eye effect and upwards in to the crease. Don’t apply over the inner part of the eye because we want to keep that pink popping through. These eye shadows build really well so you can make it as dark as you’d like.
  5. Now for the sparkle! I love Urban Decay’s glitter eye liner and use it for much more than just an eye liner. First take the Junkshow pink liner and you are going to lightly dab it across the pink Shockwave shadow on the inner part of the eye.
  6. Now take ACDC purple glitter liner and dab it across the Intergalactic eye shadow. It really makes those colors come alive for a fun night!
  7. Now we need to amp up those lashes. Apply Urban Decay’s partial eye lashes on the outside of each eye.
  8. Now that your eyes are complete clean up any eye shadow that has fallen and apply your foundation and power across your face.
  9. Using Urban Decay’s Highlighter palette add a light amount of contouring on your face. Remember to go easy as you have a heavy eye and lip. To do this use an angled brush to add a bit of bronzer across the line directly below your cheekbone (where your cheek indents a bit) and then carry it up around your hairline (basically where the sun would normally fall). Then add a tad bit along the outer edge of your nose. Use a beauty blender to blend everything in and make sure there are no harsh lines.
  10. Using the same palette take your brush and add a light amount of blush from the apple of your cheek and up your cheek bone. Again, remember to keep it fairly light – you just want to add a touch of color.
  11. Now take another brush and add a bit of highlighter across your upper cheekbones, over the bridge of your nose and on the cupid’s bow of your lip.
  12. Now let’s create this bright vivid fuchsia lip with Urban Decay’s Anarchy lipstick!

Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas

Valentines Day makeup eyeshadow tutorial

 Valentines Day makeup eyeshadow tutorial

urban decay eyeshadows

urban decay eyeshadow

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Disclaimer: I received the makeup featured in this post from Urban Decay. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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