Is it Monday already?!! This weekend just completely flew by! Daddy Russ was out of town all last week and came back home on Friday so it was so nice finally having him home. Foster has been full out crawling for over a month now and I have to admit I had completely forgotten about how tough the crawling stage is. I’m getting NOTHING done! I feel like I’m constantly chasing after him, trying to get something out of his mouth or just repositioning him about a million times in one day. But he’s so full of giggles and smiles you can’t help but want to squeeze him!

This past week I published my travel guide to Aspen (here) and in it I showcased one of the outfits I wore. I decided to do a separate blog post about it because I really love the outfit. It can be tough to put together cute “going out” clothes when you are in a ski town because it’s so darn cold and you have to be smart about your footwear choices. I liked this outfit because I was warm yet still felt glamorous! If you scroll below the photos I’ve selected a few other options for what to wear apres-ski.

What to wear apres ski

what to wear at a ski resort

aspen fashion

what to wear in aspen

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  1. Tanya Jenkins

    Hey Tori. We met at Jen Heltons wedding renewal. I your posting on instagram on Après-Ski fashion. I am a skier and loved that you did a blog about it. Have you been to Gorsuch? Also Bogner ski attire..i love the look. Thanks for your posting. Tanya


      Hi Tanya! I LOVE LOVE skiing and am so glad you liked the post! OMG…Gorsuch!! My dream store! And I haven’t debuted it yet but I just bought a Bogner ski jacket! We are going skiing in 2 weeks and I’m gonna shoot it there! Thank YOU for reading!


      Can’t beat fur – particularly in Aspen!!

  2. Rachel

    Hey, Tori, I am not a skier 🙁 but I love winter season and it’s my favourite too. This fur coat looks so cozy and warm too.


      I think I love winter so much because we basically DON’T get it in San Antonio! To me the snow is just magical! Thank you for the sweet words on my coat!


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