So many times on blogs you see these amazingly beautiful pictures that give the impression of a perfect life. But let me tell you – the truth behind those photos are all too IMPERFECT – and our glamorous Christmas photo shoot this year was exactly that!

First off, I was running incredibly late (like normal since having two children). So as I frantically threw my makeup on and got the boys dressed I could feel my blood pressure rising. I rushed to pick up my sweet friend, Candace, who is also my photographer and we drove to a near-by hotel. A massive cold front was blowing in and it was not only FREEZING but insanely GUSTY! My skirt was constantly pulling a Marilyn Monroe moment. I was practically eating my hair because it kept blowing in my mouth. Foster had gotten woken up from his nap so he was cranky and Luke I couldn’t get to hold still for the life of me! I was exhausted and exasperated thinking there is no way Candace was going to be able to capture a good picture. We ended up going inside the hotel since the wind wouldn’t cooperate and I tried to hang on to every last bit of patience I had as Luke proceeded to jump on the furniture and dump candy on the ground. At last I finally told Candace I give up and just prayed that she by some miracle got some good shots. Eagerly I rushed home wanting to go hide in my room in some peace and quiet – feeling like a major #momfail.

A few weeks later I held my breath as I went to download the pictures. As I began sifting through them I stared in amazement! How did she get these?! Among all the chaos she had captured moments of beauty and love. And as I looked at those pictures I realized… While every moment of my life isn’t picture perfect – it is filled with moments of BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! And remember it may not be the PERFECT Christmas but it is sure to be filled with beautiful imperfections!  To view our Christmas shoots from previous years click the following: 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014.

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formal christmas photos

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Glamorous Christmas Photo Shoot

little boy in tuxedo

little boy formal christmas pictures

baby in suit

little boy wearing tux

christmas family photos

glamorous christmas photos

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  1. gmaj

    Aw, how sweet. All is well that ends well!
    Merry Christmas, and a blessed new year.


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