I used to be so intimidated by liquid eye liner. I’d tried a few brands and always seemed to make the biggest mess! But then I started using Madam Glam’s liquid liner and fell in love! There are so many advantages to using liquid liner and their ultra thin brushes make it so easy to customize your liner application. Additionally, it allows you to do natural looks as well as bold statements. I also find that they stay on so much longer!

tips for applying liquid eye liner

I’ve been using Madam Glam’s liquid liner in black and navy. I love how the navy brings out the blue in my eyes. Following my liner I finish my look with Madam Glam’s Long Lash Mascara which volumizes, lengthens AND conditions.

madam glam mascara

Now here are a few tips for applying liquid eye liner like a pro:

  1. Before applying the liner, run the tip of the liner along your hand to remove any excess liquid.
  2. Start applying from the center of your eye using small dashes and move towards your outer eye. Doing small dashes will give you more control vs. one big swoop. Once you reach your outer eye go from the center to your inner eye.
  3. Use your opposite hand to slightly lift your eye lid drawing it taut to also make application easier.
  4. Try to draw as close to your lashes as possible.
  5. Make sure your liquid liner fully dries before opening your eyes.
  6. Use a piece of scotch tape to help you create the perfect cat eye. Tear a 1 in. piece of tape and lay underneath your eye angling upwards towards your brow. Start in the center of your eye and apply your liner as mentioned above. Draw past your outer eye following the tape as a guideline. Remember your liner should gradually get thinner along your tape line. Remove the tape for your perfect wing!

how to apply liquid eye liner

Tips For Applying Liquid Eye Liner

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Madam Glam on this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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