Ready, Set….DANCE!!!

It’s my birthday!!!


I love birthdays. I love what birthdays are all about. Not just my birthday. But anyone’s birthday. Everyone deserves a day that is all about them so that they know, not just that they are special, but that they are a part of people’s lives.

I was reminiscing back on my last birthday (read here) and thought about how much happened in year 31. I had JUST found out that our prayers had been answered and I was pregnant with our second child that we had been going through over a year of infertility treatments for. I had that internal glow going where you have the most beautiful secret inside of you. Not only was I pregnant but I really felt that I had found my stride as a mother, my company was FINALLY on cruise control and really I was letting out a sigh of relief.

But just when I thought I had everything under control my life was flipped upside down. A few weeks in to my 31st year the HG hit (read here) and my next MONTHS were spent in hospitals, hugging toilets, running IVs or in bed. Once we got the HG under control it was complication after complication. My 31-year-old body was doing everything it could to get that baby in to this world.

I’ll be honest…31 kinda sucked! Ok…don’t get me wrong… I’m so grateful for my sweet baby Foster but truthfully…ONE OF THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE! Foster really was God’s rainbow on the end of it. (and of course I’d go through it all again for him.)

So now….it’s 10pm the night before my birthday. And like every year before I look back on the previous year and wonder what the coming one holds. I was so sure last year about where my paths were leading only to discover that I’m at a crossroads of some unexpected paths now. But regardless where those paths go, God is helping me find MY PLACE. My place is filled with a husband who rolls his eyes at my schemes and adventures but loves me all the more. My place is filled with my big-hearted oldest son, Luke, who told me he wants to marry me this week and my rainbow baby Foster who is wrapping the whole household around his tiny little fingers.

So on this birthday I am sitting in gratitude in MY PLACE. A place filled with so much goodness. A place filled with love.

Now…back to the dance party!!

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  1. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Happy Birthday to my awesome oldest daughter! I hope your day and year holds all the adventures you wish for! Love, Mom

  2. gmaj

    Happy, happy birthday my sweet Tori! May you be blessed with a wonderful year! 🙂


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