I’ve introduced you to the cosmetics and nail polishes of Madam Glam before. I’ve really become a fan of this brand and their high-quality products. I recently had the opportunity to try out their line of blushes and I love them! They currently offer four different colors (Touch of Pink, Dozen Roses, Sable and Au Naturale). The blushes have excellent pigment, apply nicely and are paraben free.

Blushes are excellent for adding a natural color to the face as well as adding dimension. Not quite sure how to use blush? Keep scrolling as I’ve provided 5 tips for applying blush.

tips for applying blush

1.Select the Correct Type of Blush: There are several options for blush including powder, cream and stain. If you have dry skin a powder is actually best as creams and stains can crack when they dry. For oily skin try a stain. And if you have medium skin – try them all!

2. Get the Right Color: I highly recommend working with a representative at your local beauty counter to assist you in color matching. But for a quick solution give your cheeks a quick pinch and select a blush that matches. For lighter skin tones I recommend a pink or peach blush. If you have a darker complexion berry and coral colored blushes will look lovely.

3. Select the Right Applicators: For powder blush I like to use a large, loose brush so that it doesn’t apply to heavily. For stains and creams you can use sponges or even your finger.

4. How To Apply: The easiest way to apply is smile and apply along your cheekbones to the apple of your cheeks. To give your cheeks a more sculpted, angled look concentrate the blush higher on the cheekbones towards the hairline.

5. Too Much Blush: If you accidentally overdo your blush just brush over with some loose powder until it’s the color you want. For a cream blush you can use a tissue to blot some off.


best pink blushes

This is their Touch of Pink blush. It’s a great option for lighter skin tones and creates a really pretty, youthful flush.

madam glam blushes

I also love their Dozen Roses blush. It’s a bit more of a stronger color so I’ve been using it for a dramatic evening look as well as photo shoots when I need more color.

blush application tips

Madam Glam’s Au Naturale has become my every day blush. It provides just the right hint of color.

blush tips

Lastly, is their Sable blush which is excellent for darker skin types. I have been using it lightly for an after skin blush as it has a bit more of a bronzing effect.

tips for apply blush

To learn more about Madam Glam and their full line of products click here. To read about my coverage on their lipsticks click here and their nail polishes here and here.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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