Last month I introduced you to a new lifestyle subscription box called, Lilee (see post here). Every time I get my box I get so excited! It’s just like having a surprise present arrive for you in the mail. Lilee is definitely one of the best subscription boxes in my opinion. I particularly like it because you receive full size products! Additionally, you get a wide variety of items that apply to your life vs. one category.

lilee subscription box

I know I mentioned this before but their boxes are so lovely! I now have a row of them in my bathroom closet and have been organizing my make-up and other beauty products in them.

best subscription boxes

This box was all about the “savvy survival kit.” I was also super excited because one of my photos from the last post was featured on the product card! This card is so handy because it tells you exactly what was included in the box.

lifestyle subscription box

Look at all these goodies that were in my box! I could pretty much just throw my entire box in my suitcase and have everything I needed for vacation!

beauty subscription box

I was most excited to try the Ofra Makeup Fixer ($19.50). It’s a mist that you spritz over your face once you’ve completed your makeup. It helps to set you makeup for the entire day (which I desperately need because I never have time to reapply).

lilee beauty subscription box

I also received the Primesse Anti-Aging Copper Complex serum ($49) which stimulates healthy collagen and elastin to give skin its bounce back and promote the appearance of a lifted structure. I’m always searching for the best anti-aging products so I can’t wait to try this long-term. According to their website it says that it works because:

Shown to visibly reduce wrinkles in 15 days and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

A powerful agent that draws and traps intense moisture in the skin, leading to a fuller more supple complexion.

Helps reduce inflammation, temporarily firms, and exfoliates to leave the skin feeling silky soft to touch.

lilee lifestyle box

Also included was Aimee Raupp Beauty’s Cocoa Butter Eye Cream ($24). This is a brand that I’ve never heard of before (which is another reason I love Lilee is they introduce me to new brands). This cream helps to reduce puffy, dark circles under the eyes. It’s also homemade and has organic ingredients including: ghee, cocoa butter, fresh pressed carrot seed oil, arnica oil, essential oils of helichrysum, turmeric, frankicense and cypress.

lilee subscription box

Next was a product that I actually use all the time as a stylist – Showstoppers’ double-sided tape. I keep these in my stylist kit for all fashion shoots.

scandalous mascara

I was really in need of the next product – Scandalous Waterpoof mascara. I only have some regular mascara and every time we go to the pool I end up with mascara all over my face!

dry shampoo

Since becoming a mother dry shampoo has become a best friend of mine! When I don’t have time to wash my hair I’ll spray dry shampoo in it and then pull it in to a top knot.

There was a variety of other products including a fun shower cap, wine bottle opener, koozie ad Fifo usb home charger. If you are interested in subscribing to Lilee click here for more info.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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