Every girl wants to be Cinderella, right? There is nothing like a ball skirt to make me feel like the princess on her way to dance with her prince. I was recently invited to attend the RewardStyle Masterclass in Houston and borrowed this gorgeous Shabby Apple skirt from my sweet friend, Kristine (skirt here).

Ball skirts (also known as a maxi skirt or full skirt) have been very popular lately and will continue in to fall. But the best thing about ball skirts is you can wear them day or night now! Here are a few tips on how to wear a ball skirt and you too can feel like a princess.


how to wear a ball skirt

styling tips

  • Wear A Belt: I particularly like to style mine with a belt because it further accentuates the waist.
  • Go Casual: Don’t feel like you have to go all fancy with your ball skirt. Try it with a cute tee. You could even throw on a blazer with the sleeves rolled up over the tee for a cool look.
  • Try A Crop Top: Unfortunately, my recent baby tummy is not up for crop tops right now but I really love this look.
  • Tailor: Be sure and tailor your ball skirt appropriately. You don’t want them too short or tripping on them.


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