I’m such a craft blogger wanna-be! I really do like crafting – I just wouldn’t say I’m particularly GOOD at it! I need crafts that are pretty easy and quick. As you know, I’m a Fandango blogger and was recently inspired by the movie, Pixels, for this DIY Pacman Jeweled iPhone Case. This is a really easy DIY to make a snazzy phone case that’s a little throwback to Pacman days!

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  • Small 4mm jewels in your selected colors (I purchased a multi-pack from Hobby Lobby)
  • Black iphone case (I selected a matte one vs. shiny)
  • Super Glue
  • Tweezes
  • Chalk

diy jeweled iphone case

Step 1. Pull off some of the jewels that you are going to be using on your design.

diy jeweled iphone case


Step 2: I free-handed my ghost because it’s a pretty easy design. First, place a tiny dot of super glue and then using your teasers place your selected color of jewel. I liked the idea of show the ghost running off the phone so you can see that I only showed part of him.

diy iphone case

Step 3: Continue gluing and filling in your ghost with jewels until complete.

pacman iphone case

Step 4: Now that your ghost is complete it’s time for Pacman. I used some chalk to draw him so that I could be more precise. You could certainly do this with your ghost too. Just draw your design and then begin gluing and placing jewels. Once everything dries you can easily wipe off the chalk.

pacman inspired iphone case

diy pacman jeweled iphone case

Step 5: Now you can create the Pacman track in any route that you want!

diy pacman jeweled iphone case

Step 6: Just clean up any excess chalk and then place your fancy case on your iphone!

diy pacman jeweled iphone case


Pixels Synopsis: A distant race of aliens misinterpret video feeds of ’80s arcade games from Earth as a declaration of war. In response, they attack the human race with evil versions of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and other video-game characters, forcing the President of the United States (Kevin James) to recruit his old pals (Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage) to conquer the alien invaders.

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