“I’m going to keep Baby Bubba for forever.” – Luke

When Luke said this the other day my heart just melted. Foster has gently slipped in to our lives like a missing puzzle piece. It’s like he’s always been meant to be there and now our little family is complete. This summer has been filled with everything that summer should be. Swim lessons, t-ball, barbeques. We’ve enjoyed late nights filled with cuddles, activities under the warm sun and splashes in the pool. And lots of mommy time with my two boys.

I’m so excited to share another baby style brand with you today called, Hey Baby Co. I’m always on the lookout for stylish baby clothes that are made out of the best fabrics to cover my sweet little man and Hey Baby is doing it right!

fashionable -baby-clothes


When Hey Baby designer, Anna, and I started corresponding I could immediately feel the warmth and kindness that radiated through her writing. She is the sweetest thing with impeccable style. What caught my eye when I visited her shop was her PRINTS! Seriously… there wasn’t a single one I didn’t like! They are all on trend with beautiful color palettes and oh-so-soft fabrics perfect for precious baby skin.


In the first group of photos Foster is wearing her navy feather leggings (here) and blue feathers bibdana (here). The “bibdana” is such a great idea. I leave Foster’s on all day and it’s perfect in case of spit ups or feedings.





My favorite print right now is this plus sign fabric (here). This print has been major on-trend lately! I love the print mixing with these checkered baby leggings (here). Remember when mixing prints to make sure your fabrics have the same color palette.



Her fabrics are very high quality so your baby can kick around and wave his arms as much as he’d like to!



Now how adorable is this shirt (here)?! He doesn’t fit into it yet but I can’t wait!


About Hey Baby Co: When becoming pregnant I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to start diving into the world of everything baby. Everything made so small and soft and oh so too cute. And I mean TOO cute! It seemed I had fallen into a world of tiny trucks and pink bows. Is this what I was destined to have to become? A mom who was going to be tired all day, covered in drool and spit up while being surrounded by cutesy designs that made me want to spit up? I looked and looked for an answer until one day I realized what I had to do.

Welcome to the world of Hey Baby. My world of baby friendly products for the fashion forward mom (and dad). I personally select my prints based on what I would love to put on my baby. They’re fun but not “make me what to spit up” cute. Unless, of course, baby spits up and we all know they do. ALOT! One of the perks of being a parent but we do love every minute of it. I know you’re going to enjoy protecting your little ones already adorable clothes with these baby friendly, fashionably mom approved bibs.

Don’t let baby products put you in a bows and truck rut. Do something about it and get a Hey Baby Bandana Bib. “Fashion from the very Beginning”  

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Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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    Those clothes are absolutely adorable on that sweet little Foster!


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