It’s time to learn, explore and create! San Antonio has a new AMAZING children’s museum called, The Doseum! We recently had the pleasure of visiting The Doseum and I was incredibly impressed! The interactive exhibits, not only captivated Luke, but I also found myself joining in on the experience! Follow along on our first visit to the two-story, 65,000 square feet museum filled with fun for the whole family!


The Doseum is composed of 7 indoor and outdoor exhibits. The first place we visited was “Little Town.” I pretty much had to drag Luke out of here! It’s filled with role-playing opportunities including the H-E-B Kid’s Market where children can shop the aisles as well as a construction area for digging! This is the perfect opportunity to improve motor and social skills.




san antonio-childrens-museum

DoSeum childrens museum



Right when you walk in there is a massive wind tunnel that really sets the stage for the excitement taking place throughout the building! Grab a kite or some ribbon and watch it blow in the wind!




There are areas throughout where children can sit and interact with a variety of development toys.



There are a plethora of opportunities for parents to interact with their children to build happy memories.


Another exhibit is called, “Imagine It!” encouraging children to use their imaginations. There was a phenomenal story-teller reading books as well as fun dress-up items.


One of the exhibits that I saw tons of parents having a blast in was the “Sensations Studio.” This exhibit teaches children about light and sound. In the picture Luke and I were playing with colored tiles that were reflecting on a screen.


There is also a 39,000-square-feet outdoor exhibit with water features and a 30-foot-high climbing playground. Parents prepare for your kids to get wet!


The museum is so large we weren’t able to do everything in one day but we can’t wait to go back! In addition to all of the above some of the exhibits that aren’t pictured include:

  • Explore: Children learn about their communities, their environments and the world through exploration. With maps, models and shifting scales, Explore will encourage children to sharpen their 21st-century discovery skills by exploring the man-made physical aspects of their lives in San Antonio, learning how we live and work together and connecting to other parts of the globe.
  • Innovation Station: Innovation starts with tinkering. From blocks and balls to simple machines, Innovation Station will give children the space — physically and mentally — to imagine, create and build.
  • Spy Academy: Children will use mathematical skills in this exhibit where “recruits” solve their way through covert missions to become spies or even master spies. They will make and break codes, use their powers of logic and deductive reasoning, and use their spatial and geometry skills to prepare for assignments and help fellow spies out of sticky situations.

Starting in September The DoSeum will be offering H-E-B Free Family Night twice a month! Price for admission is $11 and membership pricing can be found here.

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Disclaimer: My family and photographer received complimentary passes to the Doseum to facilitate this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Betsy

    What a fun looking museum! Love these types of museums, I would love to have an adult night in a place like that. Would definitely play with everything.


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