Have I ever mentioned that I have so many incredibly talented friends? I’m so excited to introduce you to a company today by one of those friends who I adore! Her name is Chevis Douville and we used to work together for a PR agency in Dallas and have remained friends ever since. She recently accomplished her entrepreneurial dream and launched the coolest company called, Baublerella, an all natural jewelry cleaner (that is oh so stylish as well)! And I also have 8 jewelry care tips for you!

jewelry care tips

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS forget to clean my jewelry. Well, Baublerella has solved my problem! I now keep their “Bling Brush” in my handbag at all times! I’ll literally be sitting at a stop light and quickly make my rings bling!

jewelry cleaning tips

It looks just like a small mascara container. It contains a small brush to easily get in between tight spaces on jewelry and you just twist the end of the wand and the solution comes up – no mess!

best jewelry cleaner

She also has a really neat “Glizy Glove” that’s a jewelry polishing mitt that would also work great on your sterling silver plate ware.

best ring cleaner

8 jewelry care tips

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1. Always store your jewelry in a soft, fabric lined jewelry box.

2. Avoid spraying hairspray or perfume when wearing your jewelry. Not only does it cover gems making them less sparkly, but it can also damage them.

3. Utilize a high quality jewelry cleaner with brush like Baublerella to clean your jewelry.

4. Don’t sunbathe with your sparklers. Suntan lotions reduce refractive and reflective light making them less brilliant.

5. Remove your jewelry before going to the gym – sweat makes sterling silver jewelry tarnish at a faster rate.

6. Remember, dirt and rocks are abrasive – remove jewelry when gardening or at the beach.

7. Salt water and chlorine both can damage jewelry.

8. Be sure to get your jewelry insured and don’t forget to lock it up, particularly when traveling!

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      You’ve got to check it out! I love it!

  1. Elsa Leena

    If anyone follows these 8 steps, she/ he can avoid tarnishing on his favorite jewelry. But did your jewelry got tarnish already? If yes, I would suggest you to use jewelry cleaner machine and jewelry cleaner solution to remove them as soon as possible…


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