Welcome to the world Foster Cade Johnson! Our sweet, long-awaited second son arrived Monday, May 18, 2015 weighing 6lbs. 14oz and 19.75in. He has stolen what was left of my heart! Four years ago I shared Luke’s birth story (here) filled with the unknown of becoming a first-time mother and today I share with you my final birth story of the sweet rainbow baby that you all prayed for and helped me bring in to this world!


As you know, I had a scheduled c-section due to my previous one as well as my heart issues. I was getting a bit fearful the night before (see my post from the night before here) but was able to stay pretty calm. I laid with Luke at bed time and explained to him what would be taking place the next day. He would wake up and his Pawpaw would be there to keep him until it was time for him to meet his brother. He took it all in stride and seemed super excited about “Baby Bubba.”

cesarean section

The next day we headed to the hospital. In many ways it was easier this time because I knew what to expect with the c-section but in some ways it made it harder. Prep went pretty good. We had some trouble with getting an IV in because my veins are really damaged from the Hyperemesis Gravidarum. My spinal wasn’t too bad but just like last time as soon as the procedure began my body began to let everyone know how unhappy it was. First it started with the vomiting (which let me tell you…having someone doing surgery on your WHILE vomiting is NO fun!). The vomiting is caused because my blood pressure drops during anesthesia. So then they had to give me medicine to get my blood pressure back up – which would then irritate my heart causing it to beat irregular. But at least this time they were prepared and knew what to do immediately.


And then I heard that first cry and it was music to my ears! And boy did this kid come out screaming like a banshee!! Very quickly he was brought over to me and there is nothing in this world to explain seeing your baby for the first time. He was just perfect and looked JUST like Luke! Seriously…they could have been twin babies! He has Daddy Russ’ chin and his blonde hair is just precious!

baby bump


The c-section wrapped up and I headed to recovery while Daddy Russ went to give Foster his first bath in the nursery. While in recovery basically the same thing happened as last time. I started not feeling well as my heart continued to beat irregular. My L&D nurse, Tannya, really saved the day though. She was my nurse last time so she knows my health history in and out. She immediately got a trauma team there along with my cardiologist and got me all fixed up so I could go to post-partum to enjoy my time with Foster.


Monday wrapped up pretty good after that. It was filled with family and lots of love for our newest arrival. One of the coolest parts of Monday was getting to see Luke meet his brother for the first time. He was just in awe and so sweet immediately. It was incredibly special having them both in my arms – I’ll never forget that moment and the pride I had for them both. How could I be so blessed to have two such perfect boys?!


Tuesday things started to get a bit more wacky with my body. I got up early and got out of bed and was feeling pretty good. The doctor told me to take a shower to remove the bandages over my incision. I ended up spending way too much time in the shower trying to get the bandages off and by the time I got out I was feeling really crummy. I sat down and told my mom to call the nurse. The next thing I remember I’m on the floor and Russ is trying to help me get up. I had completely passed out! So the doctors ordered some more blood tests just to make sure everything was OK. The good news was though that Foster was just doing perfect!


Unfortunately, on Wednesday morning the doctor let me know he wasn’t happy with my blood work and I needed a blood transfusion. I was really nervous about it because it just kinda creeps me out thinking about someone else’s blood being put in to me. That day was tough in many ways. My vein collapsed so they had to pull the IV and then had a heck of a time getting a new one in. Not to mention they have to use a MASSIVE needle for the transfusion. By the end of the day my arms were black and blue. Additionally, the blood really hurt going in for some reason. It felt like needles running up my vein and it took 4 hours!


In the morning (Thursday) I woke up feeling like a new woman and my blood work was looking good enough for us to get released and go home! Yay!














Foster with his Meego (my mom).


Foster with his Pawpaw (my step dad).


Foster with his Papa Daddy (my Dad).


Foster with his Grammy (Daddy Russ’ mom).


Foster with my friend, Sonia.


 Foster with my friend, Brittany, who came in from Austin.



Homemade treats for doctors, nurses and visitors.

I just love being a mom of two boys. Each and every day has been full of moments that I’m just tucking away to cherish. Lots of baby snuggles and sweet kisses and hugs from Luke who is overjoyed to have his mommy and Baby Bubba home. And seeing Daddy Russ cuddle that little baby just melts my heart – he loves our boys so.

I can’t believe my pregnancy journey is over and I look back now and there isn’t a second where I don’t think it was all worth it. I’m so very grateful. God has given me such a full life and I’m happy to get to share it with you. Foster, my rainbow baby, is my redemption. He represents so much of my fight, love and hope. I love you baby boy!

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  1. Leanna

    I’m crying!!! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!! I’m so happy that you are doing well, and that Baby Foster has arrived safe and sound. Take care, and enjoy these moments. 🙂
    Wishing you all the best,
    Leanna 🙂

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Thank you so very much, Leanna! We are just loving him!

  2. Pam@over50feeling40

    He is beautiful, Tori! You both look great. It is so funny how your boys are so close in ages to my grandsons!! I know you are in heaven with such precious sons. Congrats to your whole family…May God flood you with blessings!

    • Angie Crozier

      Baby Foster Cade is beautiful and so is his mom! We love you Tori and glad you are doing well! Congratulations! The Croziers! ❤️

      • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

        Thank you so much, Angie, for your sweet words! I hope you are you family are doing well also!

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Thank you, Pam! It is funny how close in age they are! I hope your daughter is doing well!

  3. Sally

    Congratulations I’m glad everyone is doing well and are healthy and happy!! God bless!!

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Thank you so very much, Sally! I’m definitely getting lots of cuddle time in!

  4. gmaj

    What a beautiful story! The pictures are great. Congratulations. I am anxious to meet my new great grand son!!

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      Hopefully we can come next week when I can drive again!

  5. Tanya Daye

    Beautiful story! Your family is beautiful. We can’t wait to meet Foster and see Luke’s giddiness over him!!!!

    • tori@torijohnsonpr.com

      I can’t wait for ya’ll to meet him too!

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