I am all about gel nails right now and I’m so excited to show you a tutorial for DIY Neon Green + Black Spike Nails!

My nails are actually really thin but using gel nail polish allows mine to grow longer. The gel adds a protective thickness to your nails making them harder to break. Madam Glam’s gel polish is phenomenal and what I love most is their pocket LED light! You don’t have to have one of those massive LED light boxes they have at the nail salon and instead you can just take this LED light anywhere!

DIY Neon Green + Black Spike Nails


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madam glam nail polish



neon nail polish

gel nail polish light

First begin by prepping your nails to prepare them for the gel. That includes cleaning, shaping and buffing them. Then do one coat of the clear base gel.

madam glam gel nail polish

After applying the base gel place your nails under the LED lamp and allow to cure for 1 minute.

neon gel nail polish

Following the base gel, apply your gel nail polish. I usually like to do two coats. Be sure to cure your nails for one minute BETWEEN EACH COAT.

neon green gel nail polish

madam glam gel nail polish

Once you have applied the number of coats you want and they have fully cured apply a layer of the top gel and cure again under the LED light.

neon green nail polish

This color is so fun and definitely screams summer! When you finish the top coat take a bit of alcohol on a cotton ball and gently clean your nails. For some reason gel polishes leave a sticky residue but this will remove it.

nail embellishments

Now it’s time to embellish! Apply a dot of nail glue on your nail and place an embellishment in the glue using tweezers. Allow the glue to fully dry.

diy nail embellishments

DIY Neon Green + Black Spike Nails

I always enjoy a good accent nail so on my ring finger I loaded it up with spikes!!

DIY Neon Green + Black Spike Nails

Aren’t these just rocker cool!?

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