I have been very blessed to stand on the shoulders of greatness my entire life. So many people have shaped who I am today and I can’t help but think about how Daddy Russ and I are striving to be shoulders of greatness for our children. Being a parent leaves a pretty heavy weight on your shoulders. Constantly praying that we are laying a foundational framework for our boys to grow in to men of character. I’m already so proud of Luke. He is filled with unconditional love for all, incredibly trusting (maybe too trusting) and beyond kind. No, he’s not perfect but I truly believe we gave him a good start – at least as good a start as we could. And now, I pray that God helps us to do even better by our second child. We will continue to lean on God to guide us.

The sTORIbook - February-10

This fabulous dress from Zara was the actual original inspiration for the title of this post. How awesome are those bedazzled shoulders?! Click here to buy it. It’s another great dress that I’m going to be able to wear after pregnancy as well.

The sTORIbook - February-8

The sTORIbook - February-9

The sTORIbook - February-13

The sTORIbook - February-14

The sTORIbook - February-12

The sTORIbook - February-11

Shop This Post: (This exact dress can be found here. I’ve included some other options below of dresses with a similar silhouette that you can wear during and after pregnancy).


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 This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Tori

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