I’m definitely blooming! I’m 28 weeks now and definitely feeling the pregnancy! My belly button is almost flat (soon to pop), I pretty much have heartburn all the time and struggle constantly with feeling like I can’t breathe (for some reason progesterone makes me feel like that). I’m still about 5 lbs. short of my starting weight but I should hit that pretty soon which is good (putting on weight with this pregnancy since losing 20 lbs in the first trimester has been a bit of a challenge).

But overall everything is going well and I’m still super active (and so is this little boy). Luke was pretty busy in my belly but I think this little guy might move even more. Unfortunately, we STILL don’t have a name…we really need to sit down and get serious about it!

January 2015-28

I’ve been having lots of fun experimenting with my maternity style. I’ve had these adorable overalls and decided to see if they would still fit and yay they did! They are stylish, comfy and I love the wide leg! What do you think? Would you wear overalls during pregnancy?

January 2015-26

January 2015-29

January 2015-27

January 2015-30

January 2015-31

January 2015-32

January 2015-34

January 2015-35

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