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How can I love someone so fiercely that I haven’t even met yet? This little boy has been making himself known (as you can see by the photo and you would definitely know if you could feel him kicking around in my tummy right now). I’m 24 weeks in these photos. Feeling his movement for the first time was heart lifting – it was a feeling I thought I’d never get to feel again and is my favorite part of pregnancy.

This pregnancy has felt so fragile at times – like it could slip through my fingers at any given second. Yet with this baby belly it almost feels like like we’ve entered a safe zone. I think I’m in that “glowing” stage of pregnancy where you have so much happiness going on inside you that it starts seeping out. He’s such a gift – so cherished.

I included a song in this post above by Patty Griffin called “Heavenly Day” (thank you to my friend, Brittany, for introducing it to me). If you haven’t listened to it yet go ahead and hit play!

Oh heavenly day!! That’s what these photos are for me. My friend, Candace, captured a piece of the beauty in my life – for which I am so thankful for. Looking down and having Luke kiss my belly – stop – freeze that moment – now imprint THIS exact moment for forever (that’s what I was thinking).

When I look at Luke I can’t help but think that Daddy Russ and I made an amazing child. I know that the next one will be just as amazing. Half of me, half of him and ALL LOVED. OH HEAVENLY DAY!

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This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Tori

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