David Yurman is one of the most iconic names in jewelry. He built an empire out of his elegant and cutting-edge designs for the luxury market that have proven to be trans-generational. A couple weeks ago I was absolutely elated to join Neiman Marcus for a presentation of David Yurman’s newest collection, Quatrefoil. The program featured the famous jewelry designer himself, Harper’s BAZAAR Editor, Avril Graham, and Jim Gold, President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Neiman Marcus. I had the pleasure of meeting them all and capturing the event for all of my readers. Get ready for some major accessory envy!

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Myself and friend/fellow blogger, Aquila from Haute in Texas getting ready for the show.

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The company was founded in 1980 by David and his wife, Cybil, and continues to be family-oriented. Their son, Evan, has also joined them in creating timeless designs.

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The program discussed much of David Yurman’s long-time collaboration with Kate Moss and photographer, Peter Linburgh. It was so interesting hearing about the behind-the-scenes of this partnership.

“Peter Linburgh understands the essence of his subject. Kate is the subject. When you speak to Kate there is no one else in the room. She feels the product, senses the product, she is the essence of the product. She’s not just a model – she’s a great spirit. What comes out of that is a halo effect of how I design the product,” said David.

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I quickly fell in love with the amiable designer along with the rest of the audience. He was quick to laugh and quite enchanting. He was so relatable as he shared stories from his life including one about talking to a little boy who wanted to be a designer. When he found out, David pulled out his design pen (which he keeps with him at all times) and gave it to the boy as an encouragement to keep designing.

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The Quatrefoil collection had a light airiness about it. It is perfect for day to night and you can wear alone or layered as pictured on the model. The workmanship of David Yurman’s products are truly outstanding.

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The presentation was led by a woman who I was absolutely giddy to meet – the famous Avril Graham, Fashion Editor of Harper’s BAZAAR magazine. She was beautiful in and out and I seriously wanted to steal her shoes!

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The most famous collection by far is David Yurman’s Renaissance collection. The bracelets have mass appeal and have stood the test of time.

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Another stunning collection showcased was the Hampton Cable Collection. This collection was actually inspired by the dissection of a helix. They worked two years on the fluidity of the design and it is truly beauty in engineering.

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Confetti is a more delicate collection and was actually brought back to the brand with a “new sense of artistry and volume.” They improved their micropave sets and played with the idea of dancing shapes across lines.

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L to R:  Neiman Marcus La Cantera General Manager, Tom Wensinger | David Yurman | Harper’s BAZAAR Fashion & Beauty Editor, Avril Graham | Neiman Marcus President and Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Gold.

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L to R: Aquila, HauteinTexas.com, myself, David Yurman, and my amazing friend and photographer, Candace Schaddelee. It was nice getting to chat with Mr. Yurman. I thought I would be nervous but he was so friendly that he just eased you in to a casual conversation full of laughter.

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And I end with this picture because this is one that meant SO much to me! I was able to chat with Avril Graham for a bit and was completely enthralled by her. She took time to ask me about my blog and what I do and seemed genuinely interested.

As you can see it was another amazing Neiman Marcus event. I hope to own many David Yurman pieces one day that can be passed down through my family.

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This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Tori

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  1. Meagan

    Not only do I love Neiman Marcus, but I LOVE David Yurman! What an awesome event to be apart of!

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    Mom says Ditto on Meg’s comment. You looked like you fit right end too!!


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