I’m excited to introduce you to Dallas-based blogger, Anna Cobbs from Fleurdille who partnered with me to try out the famous Dear Clark Salon and new product line. It’s always fun working with other talented bloggers particularly for an assignment as cool as getting to know a company like Dear Clark! After you read about our Dear Clark experience be sure and head over to her fabulous blog that talks about fashion, life in the Big D and more!

Hello! I am Anna of Fleurdille and I am so excited to be guest posting today on The sTORIbook and sharing my experience at Dear Clark Salon with you! Stop by my blog to hear about Tori’s experience with the hair care products and see how she styled her hair!

Anna’s Experience at Dear Clark Salon

About Dear Clark:

Dear Clark Salon (named after owners Holly Dear & Kaycee Clark), is hair salon & blow dry lounge located in the heart of Uptown in Dallas. They were also named “Best Hair Salon Dallas 2014.” Additionally, all of their hair care and styling products are invented by the owners and contain natural ingredients from the great state of Texas.

The Salon:

Where to begin? When you walk in the salon you step into a studio filled with light and smiling faces. The walls are decorated with art from local artists, and the vibe of the hairstylists and customers alike is relaxed, fun, and yet still professional. It is not a “cookie cutter” studio so-to-speak, in that there are many different types of people from your college student to your businessman to your typical socialite, and this studio prides itself on being able to give each customer the look they want.



Blow Dry Lounge:

So who doesn’t love a good blow dry every once in awhile? Whether you’re going to a wedding, getting ready for a fun date, attending a shower, or just want to pamper yourself, getting a blow dry is always a treat!

The blow dry lounge at Dear Clark is located in the back of the hair salon giving it a more private feel, while maintaining the relaxed, cool vibe and feel of the salon. When you first arrive for your blow dry, you are greeted by the receptionist and given a beverage (yes, bubbly is on the menu 😉 ) as you wait. Then you are led back into the lounge and meet with your hair stylist to explain your desired look. Dear Clark stylists boast of their ability to give you the look you desire rather than a pre-formulated style. They wash your hair with their own products containing all natural, local ingredients, and then accompany you back to your chair to blow dry and style your hair.





What Sets Them Apart?

When I asked my hair stylist what set them apart from other blow dry lounges, she responded with two things. First, there is no menu of hair styles to choose from. Rather, you describe to your hair stylist the exact look that you want and they style your hair according to your desires. Second, the salon uses hair care and styling products that contain only locally sourced, natural ingredients. Oh, and did I mention that a blow dry is only $35? I guess that makes it 3 things…


My Experience:

From the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to the relaxed, fun vibe of the employees and customers, to the final product, I could not have had a better experience. I was greeted at the door and given a glass of water as I waited for my appointment. My hair stylist was so precious and was a talker, too, so we got along really well. 😉 Having my hair washed is one of my favorite things, so it was no surprise to me that I enjoyed the wash & 5 minute scalp massage. When my stylist asked me how I wanted my hair blow dried, I decided to branch out of my normal loose curls rut and try some “beach waves!” I loved it! It was fun to try a new look & my stylist did a fabulous job.



Biggest surprise of my experience? How wonderful my hair felt. I recall my hair stylist bragging about the natural ingredients of their hair products: how they were local ingredients and how they would make my hair feel so much better and healthier than the grocery store products I have been using. I was skeptical at first, but have to admit that my hair felt smooth & soft for 3 consecutive days following my blow dry!


If you are ever in the Dallas area, be sure to try out Dear Clark’s blow dry lounge the next time you need a blow out!

xo – Anna


Disclaimer: Anna and I both received compensation including product and complimentary services. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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