I recently had the opportunity to visit Saks Fifth Avenue to try out a brand new skincare line called, IOMA Paris, and was so impressed! A huge thank you to Pam from Over 50, Feeling 40 for inviting my mom and I out! IOMA offers skincare products that are customized just for YOUR skin. Not the “one product fits all” type of thing! Each treatment is personalized to assist you in having a beautiful complexion and healthy skin.

When I first arrived my eyes were immediately captured by the futuristic sphere device that you see in the below pictures. This is the IOMA Sphere which provides a rapid method of analysis, based on patented and specific techniques of light filtering, and provides you with an instant “photograph” of your skin. Five different photos reveal your skin’s imperfections most often invisible to the naked eye. The IOMA Sphere then measures the condition of your skin (the dermis) and provides you with the means to follow its evolution before and after treatment.


IOMA Paris was founded by scientist and owner of more than 50 patents, and founder/CEO of MEMSCAP, Jean Michel Karam. MEMS are complex electronic components that can detect physical phenomena (pressure, acceleration, speed, etc.) in a particular environment. They are mandatory to many industries (automobile, aeronautics, medicine, biology and telecommunications). MEMS is integrated into their skin analysis devices and measures simultaneously several parameters of the skin.


The seven main characteristics that the IOMA Sphere reviews is the moisturization (with an essential and additional criteria, trans-epidermal- water- loss), clogged pores and bacterial activity, UV damage, pigment spots, redness, fine lines and wrinkles and then customizes your skincare just for you.



I had a variety of issues from clogged pores, deepening lines on my forehead as well as redness. Immediately following my facial my skin felt so much better. Redness relieved and no more irritation! I can only imagine what these products would do if used long-term!


IOMA’s average price is $165 but a little goes a long way and will last you 4-5 months. I can’t wait to keep trying out these products!!

IOMA Paris is sold exclusively at SAKS in the U.S. Be sure to call their beauty counter to schedule your own complimentary skin evaluation!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

Disclaimer: I received complimentary appetizers, refreshment, facial and product samples during this event. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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