Some times my favorite part of life is those “in between’ times. The in between times are when life is coasting along and you are comfortably in your routine. Life is naturally full of highs and lows and frequently it’s those monumental happenings that we remember. But occasionally there is an in between time that makes you really grateful for the life that you have. Perhaps, it’s sitting in the backyard watching your children play. Or maybe it’s late at night when you are enjoying some quiet and a good bath. Or maybe it’s around the dinner table talking with your husband. It’s easy to take those moments for granted. But when you think about it…if you put all these “in between” times together it adds up to your life. Your story. So make those in between times count too!









This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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      Thank you! I definitely can’t resist that smile!


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