Scars are powerful. Everyone has scars. Some are visible and others are hidden. I, myself, have many scars. There are probably even scars that I carry and haven’t accepted yet.

While all of my scars have stories, I have two particular scars that mean more to me than others. The first is my pacemaker scar. It’s actually two scars that have now grown in to one due to my two pacemaker surgeries. You can actually see a bit of it in the picture below. For me this scar symbolizes strength and courage. Each of the surgeries were proceeded with an overwhelming sense of fear that I triumphed over.

The scar that means the most to me by far is my c-section scar. With that scar I am forever marked as being a mother. Life grew inside of me and through that scar I gave a piece of me to the world. That scar symbolizes life and love. I will forever give glory to God for this mark.

Do you have a scar that has a deep meaning to you? Or are there others that are hidden and weigh on your soul?



This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Patti

    Our scars, for good or bad, our part of our story. I’ve thought of them as my badges of survival and triumph.


      “Badges of survival and triumph!” I LOVE that, Patti!

  2. Jerry Clayworth

    I’m inspired by your scars, Tori, and proud of mine…. They show just how much life means to us, and how we fought to take it back when times were tough. Love you, my friend!


      You should be SOOOO proud of yours, Jerry! Life is such a blessing and some of us carry reminders each and every day!


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