Do you ever feel the need to just escape? To get away from all the noise of life, heavy work loads and the demands of others? To spend time just slowing down and reconnecting with YOURSELF.

My life is frequently on full speed. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with it. Like I’m on this never ending treadmill. Constantly running towards goals. Constantly trying to catch my breath. Constantly trying to be good at everything but not truly succeeding 100% at anything.

This is how I felt when 2014 came around. I needed a break. So when it came time for Daddy Russ and I’s annual trip to Aspen I knew that I needed to turn this trip not in to just a vacation but in to an escape. I decided to step away from the blog, try and limit the amount of work I did and just rest and have fun.

It was perfect. We spent time with some of my favorite people and got to know others a bit more. We made so many wonderful memories from skiing through a massive powder day, snowball fights, and even getting snowed in for an extra day due to a blizzard. It was such a joy to share this special time with them.

One day during the trip I took a walk by myself down a trail right by the house where we stay. Imagine this with me… you hear the crunch of the fresh snow underneath your feet as you walk down a white trail. The trail snakes in through a winter wood – a true winter wonderland. A cold wind whispers across your face and you look up at the sky as snow flakes silently land leaving icy kisses across your cheeks. You’re walking along side of a partially frozen creek. There are a few openings in the ice and you can hear the water rushing through. A bird tweets a song to friend who answers back. You stop, listen and let your senses envelope you. A little chill goes across your body – not because you are cold but because of the beauty surrounding you. You close your eyes and send up a blessing of thanks to the Heavens.

And in this moment…I have found my escape. I hope you find yours too.

















This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Patti

    Gorgeous. Love looking/visiting the snow, but happy I don’t have to deal with it!


      Same here!! I don’t think I could live in the snow!

  2. jessica

    It looks like a beautiful trip and a great escape. I hope you’re refreshed 🙂 Happy 2014!


      Thank you! It was lots of fun and relaxing!


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