One day when I was little (I can’t remember how old) my dad and I were driving in the car and I pointed out a rainbow in the sky. With a question full of child wonderment and innocence I asked, “Is there really gold at the end of the rainbow?” And my Dad replied, “Of course there is! Let’s go see if we can find the end of that rainbow and get some gold!” And then you know what we did? We drove around turning down street after street trying to get close to that rainbow. I can remember that I could barely sit still I was so excited. Eventually, that rainbow disappeared but my Dad just told me we’d get it next time!


But you see, this is a moment that I had forgotten. Then the other day my Dad came in town with my youngest little brother and I met them at my Grandma Joyce’s. It was a beautiful day and we all went outside. Shortly after – my Dad, little brother and Luke started playing soccer crunching through the leaves on the lawn. As I sat there watching them I couldn’t take my eyes of my Dad. I ran inside and grabbed my camera feeling desperate to catch this moment. As I sat there watching them it was like a little wand waved over me and all of sudden I remembered the rainbow day.

That’s who my Dad is. He’s not the normal Dad. He’s the Dad that chased rainbows and even said he ate cookies and drank milk with Santa. He always fed our dreams and filled our childhood with color and vibrancy. He’s my Rainbow Dad. I love him.












This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Rebecca Smith

    Your dad is the best! The fact that he laughed at all of my made up, sense lacking jokes as a kid, really made me feel good. If I ever become a famous comedian, I’ll remember to thank him for boosting my confidence. Haha!


      haha!! I shared this comment with him!!

  2. Nina

    Such a beautiful tribute to your dad, Tori. Seems like Luke will have more amazing memories with his grandpa!


      Thank you so much! He’s pretty special! Hope you are doing well!


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