Got a funny story for you and then we can get to the free christmas fonts! Today I got my hair done, bought a new dress and got all fancied up for client’s holiday party. My Outlook said the party was at 2:30pm and I got stuck in traffic so I was about 15 minutes late. I walked in to the restaurant feeling all festive and excited and saw everyone seated at the table. I was kind of confused because it looked like they had been there for a while. I thought maybe I read it wrong and the lunch started at 2pm. So I whispered to the gal next to me asking what time had it begun. And guess what…it began at 12:30pm! For some reason my Outlook had switched to a different time zone so I was over 2 hours late!! They had already eaten and everything! Talk about embarrassing!!

So that’s my funny story for the day! Now here are some free Christmas fonts for you! Link below to download.

christmas fontsContribute | Christmas Card | PW Joyeux Noel | Christmas Flakes | For Winter | Snowhouse


This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. gloria

    Sorry you were late to the party. I have misread the time on an invite and it is definitely embarrassing. Hope you made it in time for desserts.


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