I look at our Christmas tree with gifts overflowing and I think about all those families around the world who’s trees are bare. I picture the family huddled around their child in a hospital fighting against the cancer raging in their tiny body. I ache for that frail old lady sitting in a nursing home by herself after her husband has gone home to God earlier in the year.

This time of year I yearn with the need to GIVE MORE. DO MORE. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I drop a toy off with the firemen collecting in front of my grocery store. I purchase an extra bag of can goods for a local school doing a food drive. We donate to Meals on Wheels so the elderly have a special meal. There are so many causes that capture my sympathies and heart but how can I help them all?

But then I try to remember those few people that I am able to help. I think that in the end what is most important is the actual ACT of giving. Even if it’s one person – they might be that one ripple in the water that turns in to many. So remember…you ALWAYS have something to give. Even if its a smile or a greeting of “Merry Christmas”.

Are there any non-profits or causes that are important to you? I’d love to hear where my sTORIbook readers are giving this year and I can share on my Facebook pages for others to donate as well.


This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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  1. Patti

    The Food Bank and the Battered Women’s Shelter are those we like to remember. Both serve such vast needs, especially for children.

  2. Jackie Kirkindoll

    We always prefer giving to kids and the elderly. So we did the Angel tree for a brother & sister and a Senior citizen from the Ella Austin and South Presa Community Centers. But near and dear to my heart is Dare To Love which helps to provide for childeren in Child Protective Services.

  3. Melanie

    We have an animal rescue called San Antonio R.O.C.K.S. that my family gives our money, heart and time to. We rescue the animals that are about to be euthanized at our city’s kill shelter. We started with nothing and we raise all the money for their treatments, surgeries, shots, whatever It takes to get adopted because every adoption is another life saved. San Antonio’s kill shelter euthanizes 100-200 animals a WEEK. We try to save as many as we can through foster homes. I would LOVE for you to share us on your page. A lot of people do not know the animal crisis we have here in San Antonio.
    Our facebook is http://www.facebook.com/sarocksorg and website is http://www.sarocks.org. Thanks Tori!!


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