Since becoming a mother my bags are typically large bottomless pits. Very non-fashionable and usually big enough to carry everything under the sun that might be needed by a two-year-old. When I discovered SmiLeStyles and her super fab bags I became enamored! Her handmade bags, clutches, and wallets are impeccably made and selected from only the hippest fabrics.

I received this awesome over the shoulder bag that spreads a little L.O.V.E! The print was totally screaming to me! I love bags like this that just make the outfit! And now you can win one too!









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photography by sunday sky

 This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Ashley Leona

    Love it Tori, super cute. I’ve always preferred pocket books to big bags. But you’re right, being a mom you’ve got to have a carry all.

  2. Melissa D

    I’m so glad both my girls are big enough to carry their little backpacks with changes of clothes/snacks. I am finally back to my pre-baby camera bag/purse!

  3. Judith

    Thanks for your generosity hun…..I would love to buy this bag you have in ur pic hun….it’s so pretty….;-)

  4. Kymberly Pray

    I Like Big Bags, and I Cannot Lie
    … so I would select the large purse slash overnight bag.
    I would do it up Sami-style (how flippin’ cute is she?!) in a blue and green color scheme.
    It would be the perfect beach tote, or for carrying all my worldly belongings when I run away to join the circus (yep, I dream about that a lot).

  5. casey martz

    I like the Hobo Bag Chevron Purse Black and White Zig Zag Stripes.

  6. Jennifer

    I love the cross body bag in the owl print, but I like another commenter’s idea of getting several of the zippered pouches to use to organize my own purse … that’s a desperate need LOL!

  7. Helga

    I like the Girls Purse. Zipper with Two Handles. Party Favor Bags. Design your Own. Chevron Owls Giraffe Zebra Flowers. Kindle Nintendo DS. Fun Style


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