Luke has recently started singing the ABCs. His version has approx. 20 letters missing though. It’s so funny…he sings abc and then skips a couple letters, gets mnop skips a couple letters and then wraps it up with a yz and “sing with me.” Followed by a resounding “yay” with hands clapping. It’s simply adorable and we always try to show him how proud we are of his learning.

These little minds need our encouragement. They need our support and blessings. These little minds are picking up something new every second of the day and as parents we can make such an impact right now. Fuel their little minds whenever you can. And even when there are letters missing remember to cheer them on anyways!


I recently received a LeapFrog’s LeapPad™ Ultra for review. As you can see Luke was THRILLED and he’s been playing on it non-stop. What I love about this is it’s a LEARNING tablet. It’s not just games for kids to pass the time…it’s actual programs that are geared towards teaching children. The other awesome thing about this tablet is it’s sturdy! Definitely made with kids in mind!


The tablet features a camera and video recorder, several pre-loaded apps, wi-fi enabled and more. Luke loves the Art Studio Ultra app and has been drawing works of art like crazy!


LeapPad features a kid-safe web content experience called LeapSearch™ a safe web experience for kids so their eyes aren’t seeing anything they shouldn’t be seeing.


There is a huge library of over 800 fun and educator-approved apps, games, eBooks, videos, music and more.


It really provides tons of learning fun!



Thank you, LeapPad, for helping grow and develop these little minds!

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

Disclaimer: I received a LeapPad Ultra to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. MaryHarding

    Hi Tori you are a great mom and your son is adorable ,I’m 67,no kids Ideas married to a very abusive man ,cheated on me brought woman in my house when Iwas working, beat me up when I confronted him,hit my dogs,was sooooo afraid of him ,I cried all the time till!!! I got brave enough till I went to the police ,he wanted me to have his kid after that!Finally I left because If he would of touched my child in any way I would of Killed him!!I’m alone now,so seeing you and your adorable son ,cherish that and look what you achieved and what Love is there,sooo much Love,God Bless you Always,Mary Harding,I have my friends babies and children to cherish now! With Love again!! Mary


      Hi Mary – Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. My heart hurts for all the struggles that you have gone through. No man should ever EVER beat a woman. I’m so glad that you were strong and went to the police and left him. He did not deserve you! Thank you for sharing in my joy – I wish that I could wrap some up and send it to you along with a giant hug from Luke and I! God bless you and know that you are a beautiful person worth loving! Hugs from your blogging friend – Tori.

  2. Sara Phillips

    Luke is a great kiddo with great teachers! But I love that, as parents & teachers, we have fantastic products like LeapPad to fall back on! Sometimes it’s best to let these little minds work on their own!

    I am SO GLAD he loves that LeapPad!

  3. Reyna Flores

    Xavier has a Nabi which he loves & has learned so much. We won it at my work Christmas party last year. Its preloaded with several apps for learning, books, & games, has a camera, music & videos. Its Wi-Fi capable, kid friendly & sturdy and has a kid & adult modes. I’d recommend it highly

  4. Colleen pence

    Leap Frog products have always been a big hit in our home. There’s also a great video that helped my daughter learn her ABCs called “Letter Factory,” by Leap Frog. We still have it and my son watches it from time to time.


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