A quest for health, fitness and beauty…now THAT’S a quest that I think I am constantly on but have a tendency to get sidetracked fairly easily! I recently met a fellow local PR professional and blogger by the name of Jennifer Navarette who is on this very same quest and is sharing it with the world. This past Friday I got to share in a little bit of that journey as she continued the beauty portion of her quest with a DermaPen treatment at ContourLase Body Institute. It was incredibly interesting and really has me thinking about my own personal quest.

How do I define health, fitness and beauty for myself? What would be my goals in that journey be…short-term and long-term? How would I achieve them? And how would I stay on track? I’m so excited to continue following Jennifer’s quest and hope that I can be as successful as she! To read about Jennifer’s quest for health, fitness and beauty click here.

Here’s  a little fashion for you as well! This is one of my fave dresses right now! It’s from Target and was only $29.99!






 Mommy Tori’s Outfit:

Dress | Target

Booties | Guess (similar)


photography by sunday sky

This is my sTORI being written as you read. – Love, Mommy Tori

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      Thank you! I’m slightly obsessed with Target!


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